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Orange Marmalade - Aldi, Berryhill Brand - Glucose Sugar?


Apr 18, 2018
I've been an Aldi shopper for years now because, like Trader Joe's, I generally find healthier products made more to EU standards of food safety than most of the junk in American supermarkets. One of the items I've been purchasing since peating is the Berryhill brand orange marmalade. It's sweet and delicious, not to mention very affordable and quite convenient.

I just assumed the marmalade was sugared, when last week I actually looked at the label and notice the main ingredient to be glucose sugar!

My memory on reading hundreds of posts in the past leads me to believe that I've seen glucose sugar mentioned in the context of treatment of certain conditions. It is straight glucose after all. Seems like this marmalade may be a perfect energy source -- orange (naringinen) plus glucose.

Can anyone confirm, deny or modify this line of thinking?


Oct 10, 2018
Are you in Europe? I've never seen "glucose sugar" on a ingredients list here in America. It's typically just called dextrose. But yeah, to answer your question there's nothing wrong with it. It will be slightly less effective at refilling liver glycogen than sucrose, however it's much more effective at fueling your muscles.

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