oral thrush(candida) and weightloss?


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May 3, 2013
Looking for some advice here, I am slightly overweight and have candida....what would be the best way to eat for weight loss, and controlling candida? Thanks Guys


Nov 1, 2012
Welcome, Westbrook!

If you search this forum, you will find threads on candida and maybe a little on weight loss. Low fat dairy and using coconut oil to increase metabolism can help with weight. A daily carrot salad is recommended for bacterial overgrowth. Below are some quotes regarding candida.

Ray Peat wrote:
Local bacteria are usually involved in the white tongue, but typically the problem is mainly in the intestine. I have experimented with the old-fashioned "intestinal disinfectant" camphoric acid (it used to be a common pharmaceutical, 80 to 100 years ago), and when I would swallow about 100 to 200 mg of it in the evening, I would wake up with a perfectly clean tongue, not a bit of the white. Bamboo shoots, raw carrot, and flowers of sulfur are other antiseptics that can reduce the white tongue.

Ray Peat wrote:
They aren't necessary [FIBER], for example milk supports abundant bacterial growth that creates bulk, but when there are digestive and hormonal problems because of bad intestinal flora, the fibers of carrot and bamboo shoots have a disinfecting action. The carrots must be raw for that effect.


Aug 24, 2013
Hope you found some answers, but if not, oral thrush is an infection of the mouth tissues, very different (and painful) than the common coating on a tongue. Candida can cause trouble however, including stomach pains, angular chelitis, yeast infections, and actual oral thrush. If you suspect candida, two really awesome home treatments for it are chlorella and/or bitter melon. Either one will knock it out within a day or two and symptoms will continue to improve with maintenance doses afterwards. I've found candida diets (low sugar, etc) to be completely ineffective against it, while chlorella and bitter melon had near immediate and complete results.
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