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One Radio Network - February 19, 2019

  1. Ray sounds good, more robust/less shaky than in the past, which is great. Live long and prosper Dr P!
  2. Thanks for posting! :)
  3. It's good to know I am getting vitamin C from milk and meat because I don't like OJ much and I don't take any vit C supplement.
  4. Have you ever tried freshly squeezed orange juice from ripe oranges? It tastes like heaven.
  5. I am sure it will taste good, but being in a desert country, it's kinda hard to find those ripe oranges on a daily basis. Mostly, the oranges in stores are unripe and they taste sour. I crave the sugar, and unfortunately those unripe oranges are not satisfying my needs. Not only that, they give me stomach discomfort and histamine-like symptoms.
  6. Maybe we should comment on their podcast page to get Ray back more often!