OJ, fructose, insulin, libido

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    Nov 22, 2013
    Hi everyone,

    I've recently gotten started with my new diet and I am currently a bit of a novice with regards to trying to understand what it is I need to do.

    I would really like to get a decent source of OJ, but, I have little idea about what things I need to consider. I've heard things like 'no pulp' and 'enzymes', oranges picked from unripe sources. I could just get a juicer, but Jesus, how many oranges do you have to juice if you're taking in 2 quarts of milk each day?

    Also, I find oranges extremely boring. A week of eating them has made me sick of the site of them. That's why, experimenting with the juice (the best source I can find) is hopefully going to be a less of an ordeal. I need to try it, at least.

    Anyone know any good sources for decent OJ? Even if it's oversees, I don't have a problem with importing it, if I have to.

    I'm struggling with milk, at the moment. Eating oranges, straight up, is not helping me. I'll eat about 8 at a time, before, and after the milk. The more I take in, the worse I feel. The milk doesn't give me any gut problems, it just makes my mind feel so cloudy. Also, I'm sure it's messing with my appetite. After downing 2 quarts, I can easily be hungry again one hour later. Compare that to a piece of beef, which will satiate me for hours. Perhaps dairy does mess with the opiod receptors in the brain? (Yeah, I know, internet myth.. Or is it?).

    Lastly, I have to add that my libido has really hit the shitter since starting this diet. I was on a high fat, low carb diet before and my libido was fine. This is worrying for me. Having a bad libido is not indicative of good health, for me. I know that many people here report quite the opposite, but I guess that this is my experience so far.

    However, I do get a minor sexual boost from foods that spoke my insulin (pasta, potato, etc). Fruits though (well, oranges in this case) seem to be having a detrimental effect. I would love to see how fructose is supposed to be healthy for libido. Insulin is anabolic, so
    I can perfectly accept that pasta and potatoes can help in this regard.
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    Nov 9, 2012
    I don't think there's that much in 8 oranges, unless those are the big and very ripe ones, compared to the amount of fibre and effort. I haven't tried, but I don't think I'd feel any good if I did that. If you have to go fruit only, then juice seems to be the way to go. I wouldn't down 2 quarts of milk either! A cup of milk with sugar, gelatin, coffee and salt and sometimes cheese or meat or shellfish is more what I do - or a subset of that during working hours when I don't have access to all of those.