OJ + Chicken Drumstick + Hard Physical Work = Low Blood Sugar


Dec 28, 2016
I have read so many times that carbs and protein should be eaten together but I don't seem to get on with this combination when I'm at work. I work in a very physical job but have found that if I have a piece of meat (Only a drumstick or other small portion of meat) after I have had some OJ that I often start to feel very shaky shortly afters. This feeling goes away if I have some sugar or more juice. If I just drink juice all day at work (and maybe a can of Coke) I have no problem.
When I have oj and meat at meals where I am not doing physical work afterwards I don't have any problem.
Should I just carry on as I am?
(btw, I am allergic to all dairy so I don't need suggestions involving dairy)


May 3, 2015
Do what works best.

Don't the professional cyclists eat and drink salts and sugar all day and then have their fat and protein at night?

This seems to be your ideal.

Sounds like you can do the sugar + fat + protein at night or during the day on your days off.


Sep 28, 2014
I think you need starch too. I'm in the same boat too as a carpenter trying to implement these ideas which seem practical for a sedentary lifestyle, but not too practical for hard work. We have people talking about endurance exercises but that's a choice, we need to work for a living so we need to fuel the body. I don't know about you but most of my work is not 'breathless' so hard but paced. I get low-blood-occasionally and know that it's the worst situation for our health. Do what you can to avoid it.


Thread starter
Dec 28, 2016
I've tried having potatoes with some meat at work but I don't get on well with potatoes unless they are freshly cooked and cooked well and I am able to relax after eating them. I now only eat them once per day in the evening. I have tried eating them with several meals on days where I am not working but my digestive system really doesn't like more than one portion per day.

Before work I have honey or oj, a piece of chicken, beef dripping (I really struggle eating low fat) with homemade gelatin and then at work I just have oj throughout the day (and maybe a coke). This gives me plenty of energy. I just wondered why I had read so much advice saying we should have protein at the same time.
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