Nutrition In Home Made Cottage Cheese?


May 31, 2013

When i use say 1 Liter of skimmed milk wich is around 33g protein and 49g carbs and 0,1g fat.

What is left after making the cottage cheese? i just cook up the milk add vinegar and stir and rinse :)


Aug 9, 2013
superhuman said:

When i use say 1 Liter of skimmed milk wich is around 33g protein and 49g carbs and 0,1g fat.

What is left after making the cottage cheese? i just cook up the milk add vinegar and stir and rinse :)

I wonder about this too.

Made home-made ricotta yesterday which is delicious, I think the only way to do it is to find the nutrients in whey and deduct from the curds.

I found this ... quid-whey/ - i assume this is from full fat milk though.

Whey should be 50-60% of the original litre (did you measure yours?).

So removed from the total would be around:

26 grams carbs
4 grams of protein

Leaving around:
29 protein
23 carbs
0.1 fat


How does it work with skim milk? I would assume that you'd get even more liquid removed, and be left with less cheese, since the milk fat solids make the cheese!

How much cheese did you get from 1 liter of skim milk?


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May 31, 2013
That sounds about right i guess in terms of protein but that much carbs? seems alot ? i thought almost all carbs dissapered.

I made cottage cheese from 2 Liters of skimmed milk and i was left with 209 grams of cheese. The cheese is much thicker, denser and dryer then the cottage cheese you buy in the stores.


Sep 18, 2019
I have been making cottage cheese using a gallon of skim milk. I would like to know its protein content

I’ve been using the whey liquid to reconstitute juice concentrate for my children (since they apparently need tryptophan)
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