Ray Peat Interview Nov 2020 - Danny Roddy, Ray Peat, Georgi Dinkov - Bioenergetics, Thyroid, Stress, News


Jul 1, 2020
Can someone help to find Nature study about "striving leads to degradation" that Georgi @haidut have mentioned on 29 minutes?


Aug 17, 2016

Hugh Johnson

Mar 14, 2014
The Sultanate of Portugal
The political portion makes me think we have moved into a Neo-Templarism.
That would explain the odd similarity between necons and neo-liberalism.
It's just Empire. Using divide and conquer, galvanized templarism and military might (which has morphed into appalling medical tyranny using scientism) and surveillance panopticon to achieve their glorious neo-feudalsim.
Stratfor and the Crusaders: A Drug Cartel, a Manifesto and “Legitimized” neo-Templars – Conspiracy Archive
It's just empire. Both parties serve the imperial elites, which in this system is capitalists.


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Jul 15, 2019
Hey @haidut as always really enjoyed the interview. Wanted to follow up on the topic of money that you were talking to Ray Peat about.. you mentioned that money is based on human interaction (I more or less agree on that) and then when talking about China, India mentioned that the elite/technocrats coerce them to use USD, Bitcoin or some other "fake" money. I do want to get more of your opinion on Bitcoin and why you have put it in the same category as the fiat currencies such as the USD (that is centrally controlled, printed by the fed). Genuinely curious if you've done extensive research on this.

I've been in the Bitcoin community for years now (it actually led to me Ray Peat) and I really think it's a mistake to liken it to fiat currencies, and it's a misperception that it is just another toy of the technocrats. On the contrary, most the well-versed in the space are extremely anti-authoritarian, believe the same thing about money (based on human interaction) and are very suspicious of the technocratic/silicon valley structure. In fact, many had come to Bitcoin after the occupy Wall Street movement fell off and we view it as the more trojan horse version of the movement, and the decentralized nature of it removes the authoritarian streak of general protests. You may also have negative opinions on it due to there being 100+ other "cryptocurrencies" but the really sharp, and established voices in the space see through those as same schemes as the fiat currencies... Bitcoin is the only truly decentralized, bottom-up monetary network.

I think the two communities (Bitcoin and Ray Peat) will find each other very soon (e.g. many Bitcoiners are carnivore/ex-carnivores and I assume many will find Danny Roddy -> Ray Peat) and I suspect many of the issues that pervade the medical field will make Peater's study the issues with modern keynesian Economics and discover that a deflationary, sovereign (decentralized) currency that no one central banker or group of technocrats change the supply of will aid many of the faults that have led to the conditions that Ray Peat has described. I'd love your thoughts and discussion. Best!
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