Notes From A Consulation With Dr. Ray Peat


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Jan 4, 2012
This is notes someone took during a consultation with Dr. Peat. ... 9565?var=1

So yesterday, January 19, 2009, I had a consultation with Ray Peat. I am
listing a few notes from the consultation that *MIGHT* be of interest to some of
you. I had sent him some lab results which showed thyroid problems (the
purported reason for my sleep difficulties, although I have been diagnosed with
Lymes Disease...a diagnosis I am beginning to question).

- Need to increase CO2. Do this by breathing into bag 3-4 times per day. Each
time do it for a couple of minutes or until it becomes uncomfortable.

-Increase calcium. Drink two quarts per day of milk and/or orange juice. If
sensitive to milk, can use cheese and/or ice-cream. Get ice cream that has no
gums in it. Of the major commercial brands Haagen-Daz is best, since it has no
gum. Can also heat egg shells on stove to remove membrane and grind shells
using coffee grinder. Consume the egg shells which are a very pure, absorbable
form of calcium. Unpasteurized Orange Juice is the best. Remove pulp [thought
of Bruce when he said this] or, if buying commercial brand, get kind with no

-Increase fruit consumption. Really did not get into quantity or types of
fruit, though I know he favors tropical fruits.

-In order to burn PUFAs in body, important to keep body temperature around 98.4
Fahrenheit. To that effect, must have healthy thryoid.

-Thyroid. Take thyroid tissue supplement, one in morning. Take temperature
several times during the day. If doesn't go up to satisfaction (circa 98.4
add another thyroid tissue in evening. Add 50-100 mgs pregnenelone per day for
adrenal support.

At night eat dinner that is salty and contains something gelatinous. In my
case, I almost always have bone broth and a couple of times a week I have ox
tail, other nights I can take the Great Lakes gelatin. Eat something sweet
before bed. Ray Peat doesn't seem to be very fanatical. He even said, if I
wanted, I could have some salty tortilla chips with dinner.

Fiber. Limit vegetable and grain fibers, like whole wheat bread, etc. However,
there are two very good forms of vegetable fiber that should be taken: raw
carrot and bamboo shoots. We were covering so much territory that I couldn't
ask a lot of questions. However, he did speak to germ producing associated with
most fibers but that these two fibers-carrot and bamboo shoot- actually having a
cleansing effect...although I might not have caught exactly what he was saying
on the subject.

Coffee. Ray mentioned before discovering thyroid tissue as supplement, he would
drink FIFTY (that's right, 50) cups of coffee a day!!! Now, he only drinks
around five cups a day. I told him that I had just begun having one cup in the
morning and was having problems with that. He responded that my body would
become used to it after a while. Coffee would help protect against metal
toxicity, among other things.

-Spoke about my Lyme/Babesia diagnosis. We both agreed that Lyme had become a
"fashionable" disease that some alternative doctors were handing out left and
right. My tests do SEEM to indicate I might have Lyme and Babesia. Peat told me
if I get my thryoid working better, it should rid my body of those, but if not,
a round of antibiotics wouldn't hurt me. (BTW, my TSH is 3.06. He said it
needed to be below two). I don't know if I agree with him about the Lyme. If I
do indeed have it, I should probably go ahead with antibiotics. In any case, I
will see how symptoms are after a few weeks, then make a decision).

Hope this is helpful to others.



Jan 1, 2013
'50' cups of coffee a day :shock:

That's a world record, surely ?


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Thread starter
Jan 4, 2012
Imagine how much sugar went with that! :shock:


Feb 7, 2013


Feb 7, 2013


Feb 7, 2013
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