Non Approved Fruits Vs Potatos And Rice


May 17, 2013
I am going to go off of a very strict peat diet. I was wondering how bad non approved fruits actually are. I was looking into easier fruits (less preparation) such as raw bananas, raw apples and raw peaches.

Are these actually super bad? I know they are probably better than grains, raw veggies and other stuff that isn't peat friendly.

On a scale of Raw Grass Fed Milk to I am going to die how bad a...just kidding haha.

How are they compared to cooked potatoes and rice?


Sep 22, 2013
Bananas: Somewhat high in serotonin but not the worst thing in the world to eat! Be sure to eat them *ripe*. School bus yellow = unripe. Any amount of green on a banana = unripe. They should be heavily spotted like a leopard and soft; at this point most of the starches have converted to sugars. On a somewhat related note, plantains are REALLY tasty raw, to me they taste just like marshmallows. But you have to be very patient with them and wait until they are totally black and squishy, when they appear to be almost rotting. This can take weeks; sometimes the skin will even mold before the actual flesh of the plantain inside is ready.

Ray Peat said:
"I think underripe apples are always dangerous. Any organic apple is likely to be o.k., but usually it's safer to convert them to applesauce (cooked), making them more digestible. Storage or stress can affect the apple's allergenicity, and incomplete ripening leaves a variety of toxins. Malonic acid, even at a very low concentration, can cause severe bowel inflammation.

Most people can eat an occasional random apple without getting symptoms such as constipation, hemorrhoids, headache, sniffles,
sneezing, gas, joint pain, restless sleep, etc., so in moderation the toxins don't matter too much. But when there's a symptom, the fruits with ripening problems should be high on the list of suspects.

They don't get much juice from unripe apples, and they usually use spoiling apples for making juice, which explains the extremely high
rate of fungal contamination.

Raw apples certainly will not kill you but they can be pretty difficult to digest. I would at least peel them. Apples are a convenient source of sugar and easy to take on the go, but for me personally the net effect of eating raw apples is antithyroid enough to make it not worth bothering with them. I love to cook them though.

Peaches: Definitely picked unripe this time of year. IMO not even worth spending money on a peach right now whether you want to eat it raw or not. Now with that being said, I will eat local tree-ripened peaches in midsummer all day long. YUM.


Feb 20, 2013
In Josh Rubin Interview on " Glycemia" RP mentioned that some raw fruits can be worse
than well cooked starch. Raw banana and apple are high in starch. Banana is the most problematic fruits of all. It is high in soluble fiber, high serotonin and high allergen chitinase.
Problem with pectin depends largely on individual's bacterial composition.
If someone has bad composition of bacteria they will have lots of problem
with pectin in fruits.


Thread starter
May 17, 2013
Okay, what about raw: pears, plums, grapes, nectarine, and dates?

I am looking for cheap produce with no preparation. With all the ones I just listed I would probably have to get organic to avoid all the pesticides which would increase the price a little bit.

I just eat too much for my diet to be cheap unless I eat only potatoes and rice or non peat approved foods.


Feb 24, 2013
Everyone is going to be different. My son can not tolerate raw bananas at all. Cooked are ok, in moderation. (Once or twice a year, the brown ones go on sale cheap enough to be less expensive than potatoes. Then I make a mean banana bread.) Raw fruit is ok, but ONLY if it's RIPE. Extremely difficult to get ripe fruit. Ripe apples do not exist here, unless you go to the orchard directly. A peach that is picked too early and allowed to soften is not ripe, just soft. IMO.


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May 17, 2013
Thanks. I need a lot of food and calories to stay satiated. I was looking for a food I could just gorge on to get calories/nutrients.

I don't want to have to go to the store every day, or purchase 10 honeydews a day ahah. I just want a food with minimum preparation, loads of calories, cheap and has minimum negative effects if any.

Right now I am eating 5 pounds of potatoes a day to help get my calories cheaply. I am not sure how good/bad this is or if there are any other better alternatives.

The reason I asked the question is because I just want to make my diet simpler/easier on my preparation, money, calorie and # of trips to the store wise. I also didn't want to vary too much from peats core concepts. I feel like the most important things are minimizing PUFA and Iron, avoiding gluten, veggies (I do at least) and avoiding fruit seeds and other things that cause digestive issues/intolerances.

TLDR; I was just trying to find out what was least bad for me if I deviated a little bit so that I could make my diet easier money wise and calorie wise.


Jun 9, 2013
Potatoes are nutritionally solid, and cheap and easy to cook. When I look online, the nutrients per calorie are similar to fruit. The only concern is if you digest them fine, i.e. without gas or other irritation. If that's fine, then potatoes are fine.
Rice isn't so nutritious. I'd replace that with plain sucrose if you felt you needed extra calories.
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