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No Liver Injury After Alcohol In Germ-Free Mice

  1. Haha!! I though alcohol was supposed to kill bacteria! :crazy:
  2. Interesting. Thanks SS.

    Do you think some Vitamin K (or tetracycline) and a carrot salad might be good preventative maintenance prior to alcohol consumption?
  3. It could be killing some bacteria, allowing others to increase in numbers, leading to dysbiosis.
  4. Very interesting! So, basically, liver disease is a chronic endotoxemia reaction? Alcohol just speeds it up I guess. Not sure if you know but alcohol/ethanol is also agonist of the endotoxin "receptor" TLR4, so it should be able to do some damage on its own, but based on the study you posted it probably is not much.
  5. Well, I think antibiotics multiply the flora in the same manner... fiber could go both ways... mechanical is probably the only way to kill different species uniformly (insoluble fiber or active charcoal). I started to look for this article because there is so much variance between the day after of purer and less pure booze, and between starch and no starch with booze. In my experience starch with fat can give a hangover even without drinking anything. When you are feeling very "stony" or hardened, harsh, not feeling like yourself, and you get tingling in your head or a pressure, burning nose and flu, and when you lay down to sleep it's like "not in a million years", I think that's endotoxin inflammation.