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Niacinamide Reduces Hyperparathyroidism

  1. This is only my second post on the forum. I've been researching hyperparathyroidism and hypercalcemia, and I've been coming across some good stuff that validates a lot of Peat's views. I came across this abstract a moment ago that claims that niacinamide (1080 mg per day) decreased serum phosphorus (elevated serum phosphorus is implicated in hyperparathyroidism) - though it did increase again after discontinuing niacinamide at 12 weeks. Also niacinamide decreased PTH, and the abstract doesn't say what happened to that after discontinuing. I don't have access to the full paper, but the abstract paints a fairly optimistic view.

  2. Good find. I think another VERY important finding was this.
    "...The mean dose of nicotinamide was 1080 mg/day. The mean blood NAD concentration increased from 9.3 +/- 1.9 nmol/105 erythrocytes before treatment to 13.2 +/- 5.3 nmol/105 erythrocytes after treatment (P < 0.01)."

    The levels of NAD are one of the most (if not THE most important) indicator of metabolic health. Actually, the NAD/NADH ratio is what is considered more important, but an increase in NAD will probably also lead to an increase in NAD/NADH. So, if 1g of niacinamide increased NAD by 50% then taking 2g could potentially double it. This matches well with another study (in rodents) showing NAD increase of more than 150% from a human equivalent dose of 3g niacinamide a day.
  3. Thats awesome. But what about if one is wanting to loose fat? 1-2 g a day i guess will hinder it some?
  4. Yeah, it is possible that such high doses would hinder weight loss. Ray said 100mg niacinamide a few times a day would be best for both health and not hindering weight loss.
  5. How does niacinamide hinders weight loss ?