Niacinamide May Fully Prevent Miscarriages And/or Birth Defects


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Mar 18, 2013
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I posted recently about the drastic reduction (or even reversal) of pre-eclampsia in pregnant women who took a small dose of aspirin.
Aspirin Can Treat Pre-eclampsia

Up until that study on aspirin came out, pre-eclampsia was considered untreatable and when a woman develops it usually the only recourse is pre-term delivery of the baby via C-section. The fact that even Kim Kardashian received such "treatment" show that the medical profession is truly at a loss on how to deal with this condition.
In further good news related to pregnancy complications, a new study showed that miscarriages, stillbirths or birth defects may be simply due to NAD deficiency. Aside from this being a hallmark of hypothyroidism, it also suggests a pretty simple solution - taking some niacinamide. And that is exactly what the study found - taking a HED of just ~30mg of niacin / niacinamide fully prevented any miscarriages or fetal malformations.

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Miscarriage And Birth Defect Risk May Be Reduced With Vitamin B3 Supplement

"...Daily vitamin B3 supplements may help to significantly reduce the risk of miscarriage and birth defects when taken by women during pregnancy, according to a new study on mice. If the same results are replicated in humans in future experiments, the vitamin could be an easy way to prevent these problems for some women. The findings are from an Australian study which identified the molecule NAD as a major component in fetal development. While NAD is naturally formed in the body through a healthy diet, it can also be obtained through B3 supplements, ABC News reported. This is the first time that a lack of the molecule has been associated with pregnancy problems."

"We have discovered a whole new cause of birth defects and a way to treat it as well," lead researcher Sally Dunwoodie told ABC News. "Arguably, it's the most important discovery for pregnant women since folate. The promise is that this could significantly reduce the number of miscarriages and babies born with defects." For the landmark study, researchers from Victor Chang Institute in Sydney studied reasons for why some women had multiple miscarriages and/or had given birth to children with significant birth defects. In doing so, they identified NAD as a vital molecule for organ development and hypothesized that deficits of this molecule may lead to some of the aforementioned pregnancy and birth problems. To test this, the team purposely knocked out the gene that made NAD in pregnant mice who were also given a regular dose of vitamin B3. “We found it prevented miscarriages and birth defects, over-riding the genetic block,” said Dunwoodie."
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