Newspaper Article: A Third Of COVID-19 Deaths Would Have Occured Anyway


Nov 22, 2017
Here is a newspaper article from La Presse (Montreal, Canada), came out yesterday Nov. 11, summarizing a new study by HEC Montreal (Business & Management School)

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  • About a third of Quebecers who were attributed the cause of death to COVID-19 in the first wave would very likely have died from other causes in the following weeks, suggests a demographic study recently published by two researchers from HEC Montreal.

  • "(...) the data shows that there were 570 fewer cancer-related deaths than normal, and 280 fewer deaths attributed to heart disease." (March-June)

  • "Even if few autopsies were performed and other causes of death were underlying, attributing these deaths to COVID-19 "corresponds to the rules decreed by the WHO", underlines Mr. Michaud. These specify that deaths linked to the COVID-19 pandemic must "be counted independently of the pre-existing conditions which are suspected of having triggered a serious course of COVID-19".
By my calculation, removing a third along with the 1000 or so "fewer" deaths from heart disease and cancer, cuts the number of "COVID deaths" by half in the canadian province of Quebec (the country's worse).

I haven't seen the numbers for influenza, but I suspect they're way down too, and going from the historical deaths from influenza and pneumonia in Canada, it seems even more likely that the actual death toll is even lower than the typical flu season. (Influenza and pneumonia death rate Canada 2000-2018 | Statista)

Of course, that seems hard to argue right now, because they're still claiming there was "excess mortality" but every week we're peeling another layer of the onion. Even in mainstream media, the wall is starting to crack.

Original link:

Le tiers des défunts seraient morts peu après - La Presse+
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Jun 20, 2015
I haven't seen the numbers for influenza, but I suspect they're way down too, and going from the historical deaths from influenza and pneumonia in Canada, it seems even more likely that the actual death toll is even lower than the typical flu season. (Influenza and pneumonia death rate Canada 2000-2018 | Statista)
The same in Germany. I wonder which strains they use for this season's influenza vaccine after influenza has been eradicated worldwide by SARS-CoV-2.


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