Newbee, Researching the Peat approach to eating.


Nov 9, 2013
I have been listing to lots of youtubes from Josh Rubin and listening to a lot of the Ray Peat interviews on East West Healing website. I find Ray Peat to be very interesting and a seems to be my kind of guy.
I am 58 years old and have had lots of setbacks in life, mostly around diet. I have tried many diets and have never experienced much relief from inflammation, and a lack of good healing sleep.
I look back at my life and see that I have basically ruined myself from a lack of calories, the right ratios etc. Now I'm trying find out what are the right foods to reduce inflammation and to eat enough of these foods.
I want to thank in advance, any help that I might get from the members of this forum. Thank You.


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Nov 9, 2013
all meals started out with 4 HCI
14 days on one cynomel a day, 1/2 a.m., 1/2 p.m. Warm for first time in my 58 years!

6 oz liver, 1c beets-turnips, coco oil salt at 7:30 am.

10:51 am, 8g G.L. gelatin, 6oz shrimp, 1c squash

1:30 pm 6oz ground lamb, kale brocolli, coco oil salt applesauce

3:30 pm carrot coco oil, salt

5pm, 6 oz OJ

5:30 pm, 6 oz liver, 18 grams G.L. gelatin, salt, 4 squares 90% chocolate

7:30 pm baked chicken thighs, carrot, onion, garlic, baked potato, 3t butter, salt.

9:30 pm, 6 oz OJ.

Any and all feedback accepted. Thanks!


Looks good, apparently you did a lot of research already and are on the right track.

Was the brocolli cooked? It's important that it is, otherwise it would be goitrogenic.


Regarding your supplementation, there are differing opinions on this, but it seems to me better to take a thyroid supplement with both T3 and T4, like cynoplus, instead of cynomel which has T3 only.


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Nov 9, 2013
I cook everything.
Will be doing another thyroid test soon. Will consider your opinion. Thanks.


Nov 9, 2012
I think cooking the carrots would them useless as a gut cleaner, in addition to making the high beta carotene content absorbed...
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