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    Mar 23, 2013
    Hi Dr. Peat,

    As was requested his introduce myself. I am woman of 61, a former registered nurse for 30 years. Last December I was diagnosed with Takayasu's Arteritis, a life threatening auto-immune disease which is considered a medical emergency. A CT angio also showed that I have a clot in my main pulmonary artery. I quit working because I couldn't and took prednisone to put the fire out. I am getting off of this now.

    I have been healthy all of my life and in the last years of my career turned to holistic health as the way to stay well. My parents were lacto-ova vegetarians and I was too until about 7 years ago when I went vegan for 5 years. I have eat my share of treats although I am don't eat them every day and do not buy foods sugar in them, even the so-called "healthy" ones. I have juiced, cleansed etc, etc. I was physically active, exercised and did all kinds of sports including running and hard exercise. I never drank, smoked or did any drugs, but I worked hard as a nurse, doing doubles and double backs and at times doing (5) 12 hour shifts in a row for weeks. After I stopped nursing I became a personal assistant to a writer and worked at that for 10 years. The last part of that was very stressful and I believe that contributed to the surfacing of the symptoms of arteritis.

    I was very thankful to read your article on coconut oil and started eating that today. I had a jar of raw that I purchased from the Raw Food World.

    My interest is in knowing if you have any knowledge of the Arteritis conditions and what nutritional help you could offer.

    And how does one contact you for nutritional counseling? You may email me.

    Thank you for your consideration.

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    Jan 1, 2013
    Re: Meet and Greet Questions

    Hi Grace,

    You probably already know it, but you can prevent blood clots by taking 800 IU Vit E/ day.
    The effects of Vit E are potentiated by selenium and Vit C.
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    Re: Meet and Greet Questions

    Grace, I don't think Dr. Peat reads this forum.