New to the Forum, not to Peat's Theory


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Apr 28, 2013
Hi I found this board by accident though I've been a Ray Peat follower for years. I had no idea he had such a following online. :): I was googling information on CynoPlus and somehow landed here.

Long story short, I'm a client of Lita Lee, Ph.D. (advocate for thyroid glandular based on teachings of Dr. Raymond Peat). Thyroid glandulars and Enzyme Formulations by Dr. Loomis have kept me on my feet for 10 years but two months ago I had a setback when I woke up dizzy and unable to stand. I'm able to move around now and am learning to cope with the vertigo but still have to sleep sitting up and forget doing any exercise beyond walking and also don't ask me to remember anything as that's impossible without a notepad. :lol: Anyway, Lita increased my thyroid glandular and Cynomel but I'm maxed out at this point and she's suggesting stopping the glandular and taking CynoPlus until I'm through this phase (which appears to be menopause related). On the plus side my migraines are gone...replaced by vertigo. There are days though when I'd trade this craziness for the pain again.

I've been on a pro-thyroid diet but hoping to glean more info on this forum. I just started digging around and can see I have a lot of reading to do. Thanks for everyone's input on here, looking forward to learning more as I troll around.

Tamera, from the U.S., don't ask me my age as I can't remember it. ;)


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Jan 4, 2012
Tamera, welcome to the forum. :welcome

Hope you figure out whats going on with the vertigo stuff.


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Apr 28, 2013
Thanks! I've been on here for hours reading and sipping my salted OJ lol. Think CynoPlus will be the way to go, just so accustomed to the glandular and old habits die hard. From what I'm reading elsewhere I'm a tad screwed while my body adjusts to menopause and I'm just going to have to adapt to it and be ready for change. I did find info on the forum that I had forgotten about, stuff Lita Lee told me to do but over the years I forgot about or just got away from doing. Back to the basics. And more carrot salad.


Feb 20, 2013
Welcome to the forum
Are your thyroid numbers within range? Hypothyroid people needs extra salt as they have problem retaining sodium.
I was surprised to find out that i need a lot of salt to feel energetic. It helps with allergy and sleep too.
Surprising part was my thyroid numbers are all within good range. You can test your electrolyte.But those test shows extreme conditions. You can read this RP interview .It is very informative and he discusses about extra need for salt,magnesium and copper for hypothyroid people.
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