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New and full of questions

  1. Hi there! I'm a newbie and I've already been asking questions on other threads so I thought I prolly should jump in here and introduce myself.

    I'm a baby peaty (about a week now) so I'm just now dipping my toe in. I've read up on RP and needless to say I think I've come away scratching my head about so many previously 'evil' foods that my head is reeling! Honestly, for the last 25 or so years I have been completely convinced that sugar was evil, OJ was equally evil, nuts were healthy, chicken would set me free and milk would make me look like a baby cow!

    So now my world has been rocked and I think I'm over the shock but I'm still trying to piece it all together - which is why I found YOU!

    This forum has been a god-send so far and I'm so looking forward to walking through this with all you experienced peatarians (I think that's what you're calling yourself, right?).

    Please don't scold me if I ask something silly or repetitive. I will take the time to search out my queries appropriately but I may still have to chime in and ask for guidance or clarification. I've already asked a couple of questions in the 'Ask for Help' area.

    Anyhoo - that's a brief howdy-do! Great job with this forum! Let's stick with this RP guy. Doesn't it just feel RIGHT? It does to me!

  2. Your enthusiasm suggests that your thyroid is working very well already.
  3. Nah - my resting pulse on a good day is around 50 and seldom gets above 54-56. I'm pretty much in slo-mo always. I'm so cold I'm almost blue and my nose has icicles dangling. But thanks anyway ~~
  4. HollyLooyah, welcome to the forum! :welcome2 :welcome :welcome2

    Moooooooooo! :lol: Just messing with ya!

    There hasn't been much scolding around here, and we welcome all questions. That's what we are here for. :ugeek:

    Yes, as I like to say, it feels like home.

    See you around!
  5. Sugar is your friend.