NEED SOME HELP: Muscle And Tendon Aches Since Peating


Dec 3, 2019
Hi, I'm Julian from Holland. I could really use some help, so I wrote this introductory post with tow questions at the end. If you take the time to read it and decide to share your knowledge I would really appreciate it :)

The start:
A few weeks ago I started eating a more Ray Peat inspired diet. I am noticing some positive effects. It's making me happier in terms of mood and my body temperature is definitely higher than before. I also feel intuitively that this new way of eating is a step in the right direction.

The problem:
Since I changed my diet to this way of eating I'm experiencing a lot of muscle and tendon aches in my arms, hands, legs, and feet. It's like a feeling of being pinched and it constantly switches between areas. I also experience feelings as if a muscle is about to cramp, but it doesn't go so far as to cramp. I'm guessing my body is having a hard time dealing with the higher amount of sugar in my diet. It might be inflammation because of that. Aspirine does help lower the symptoms, but I'd like to fully fix it and not need to supplement it.

My background:
For years I have been a big believer in sugar being bad and fasting being the most powerful health weapon. For many years I have switched between periods of eating low carb and periods of eating moderate crabs (rice with meals). For years I was doing 16/8 Intermittent Fasting and for about 1.5 years (just before I discovered peat) I was eating just one meal a day.

During this way of eating, I had developed histamine intolerance, dust allergies, and I had to wake up multiple times at night to take a piss. I often had a racing heart beat while in bed and always thought that was due to histamine overload of food and dust mites allergies. However, I now think this might have been a lot of stress as well. I found that I was chronically hyperventilating and started taping my mouth at night (which helped a lot).

Most recently when life became stressful (next to the low carb and fasting stress) I was getting panic attacks at night (without being conscious of anxiety). So I'm grateful to have come across the info about the thyroid and the extreme fasting and low carb diets putting way too much stress on me.

Muscle issues history:
It's good to mention that I have struggled with muscle issues before. When I just started doing low-carb and high-intensity exercise I basically got painful myofascial trigger points all over my body. I never thought it was related tot he diet, but maybe it was a big stressor on me. Years later I discovered Dr. Sarno and his theories about chronic pain being psychosomatic and not feeling your feelings. With the help of that and starting to exercise again (going through the fear) I basically solved the problem and removed most of the chronic pain I was experiencing from these muscle knots.

Also important to note: when I tried the ketogenic diet for a couple of months I was constantly getting cramping legs and feet. They always say this is the keto flue and that your body has to adapt to this new way of eating and therefore your electrolytes aren't in balance. But it didn't matter how much salt, magnesium or potassium I took.. the cramps never went away. This led me to at least eating some carbs to not get into ketosis and not get the cramps. I do think it's weird that my body had this response and I'm doubting on whether there is something wrong with my body's ability to balance electrolytes.

So now I'm experiencing muscle problems again (a bit different, see above) but this time I'm actually eating high carb. It's not that I'm cramping up, but I do get the pains in different places.

What I'm eating now:
I'm basically eating eggs, honey, OJ, quark, cheese, potatoes, fruits, mussels, grass-fed beef, collagen powder. I add a good amount of salt as well. Besides that I'm going to add liver + oysters soon.

My questions:
If you've made it this far in the post I'd like to thank you for reading it.

My questions are basically:
What do you think is causing these aches and pains?
And how do you think I can fix this?


Nov 23, 2013
I'm guessing my body is having a hard time dealing with the higher amount of sugar in my diet
I think your suspicion is most likely correct. It can take a bit of time to adjust to eating more carbs. Hopefully more people will reply.


May 21, 2018
hi Julian; I think myofascial trigger points are due to being hypothyroid. Have you checked your temps and pulse ? balancing minerals becomes hard when being hypothyroid. I struggle now with the same thing.


Jun 11, 2018
I have been battling with similar muscle problems for over five years. I still don´t know what causes them. As I understand the theory of trigger points, it is that muscles don´t have enough energy to relax, since it is required more for it than for contraction. You could try support turning sugar into energy. That is magnesium, thiamine, riboflavin, niacin (amide), thyroid. They have provided benefits for me. Also B6, B9 and B12 are worth a shot. Not to excercise is peatian, but with this problem I would do the opposite. For me it is antipain. There is also the danger with a peatian diet that you don´t get enough calories. High calorie diet was beneficial for me. Selenium might provide benefits because it is needed to make the thyroid hormone active.

I am trying a celiac diet right now and seeing some benefits. With a mysterious illness, this disease should always be suspected. Eating low gluten might make it very allergenic. Also endotoxin is one thing to suspect.

Taping the mouth at night sounds really dangerous. I think the body needs to breathe through the mouth at night, beacause for some the nasal passage is obstructed. Against hyperventilation there are a bunch of stuff that had an effect for me. I think gut problems are to be suspected.

The works of Janet Travell and John Lowe have been informative for me about trigger points. Also there is some literature about fibromyalgia that could be beneficial. Not that I think it is a disease.

Would be good to know your iron status also.

These are my thoughts on the matter. Hope you got some new info.
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