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    Mar 25, 2014
    Hello I am new to the forum and Ray. Thanks for all the info.
    I am 59 male. All in all in good health, not fat. I need help with my lab results. I am hypothyroid and I have been about 2 years on 100mg of Levothyroksine, but about 3 months ago I switched to animal based Thiroid from Thailand, 2,5 grains a day. I feel the same on Thiroid as I did on Levothyroksine.
    Also 2 years ago my testosterone was very low, I am not sure if it was because of thyroid. I have been on TRT for 2years.
    Below my new results. Any glues in them why I still have low temp, several times a day I get red in the face and sweaty, also get little tired afternoons, but not as much as before medication and my main complaint is that I cannot exercise. I cannot even walk briskly. I don’t recover from any exercise. I love to go to gym, but cannot.
    All other tests results ok, but Total Chols. little high: 243, Trigly. 139, HDL 49, LDL 166. Blood sugar 94 and all other is within normal range.
    T3 119 80-200
    T4 4.9 5.1-14.1
    TSH 0.022 0.270-4.20
    FT3 3.44 2-4.40
    FT4 0.97 0.93-1.70
    Prolactin 10.7 4-15.2

    Any ideas that how to improve my health and get back to gym? Thanks for any information.
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    Jan 3, 2014
    Do you ache when tired and after exercise? Is that why you say you can't do it? In my case aching and low energy were my biggest problems. Others here know much more than me, I'm sure they'll say more, but for me at least improvements came from the following: immediately addressing low blood sugar; lowering tryptophan ; niacinamide and other vit Bs; carrot salad ; aspirin ; lowering pufa. Coffee. Whether or not these are appropriate for you I dont know, but I'm sure you can find much help searching this topics on this forum. And in the articles.
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    Feb 20, 2013
    Welcome to the forum
    Your TSH is really good and T4 is slightly below range.
    Active hormone T3 is in normal range but bit below
    median value of 130. Prolactin is bit higher than ideal
    for male. Cholesterol is ok for your age but a good thyroid
    function can lower it further by converting cholesterol to
    pregnenolone, preogesterone, DHEA etc. You will need active thyroid
    hormone T3, vitamin A and a steady supply of carbohydrate for
    this conversion. Diet is a big part of fixing thyroid related problems.
    I think if you post detail description of daily food intake other
    members will be able to comment on it. You can use to
    figure out the amount of carbohydrate, fat, protein ( at least 80 gram quality protein),
    vitamins and minerals in your diet. Here is a link to Ray Peat inspired general dietary guidelines.
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    Jan 28, 2014
    San Francisco
    Welcome to the forum! I am kinda new here too, but your problem of not recovering from exercise resonated with me, so here's what worked for me...
    I had been basically sedentary most of my life... I would go for a run, or even brisk walk, and be tired the rest of the day. If I really did a lot of exercise, I wouldn't be able to sleep at night (cortisol levels must have been sky high). I bought a heart rate monitor, and a book on heart rate training by Benson and Connolly. I strapped the thing on, went for a brisk walk, and was shocked to see that my heart rate stayed up after exercise. After a short, moderate walk, I had to walk around the building, very slowly, four times before the heart slowed to 102. :eek: (The book tells how to set targets)
    So, I had to go very slowly, and do intervals, then back it off... But the gradual training worked, and now my heart just slows down when I do.
    However, I am a 70 year old female, and my thyroid numbers don't look nearly as good as yours. Have you had a cardiac workup?
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    Mar 25, 2014
    Thanks for all that answered to my questions. I reply all in one reply.
    After exercise I don’t ace, but I feel very tired, and if I keep on going to gym, I start getting sick; flu, cold, and feel like I am under the weather.
    If I stay out of gym for 3-4 months and rest, then I can go back to gym and train for 1-3 months but after few months, I start getting again sick and tired. So it is almost like my immune system gets worn out by exercise. I don’t train hard. I have done saliva test for adrenals, and at the time they were ok. That was during my rest period, I was not exercising at that time.
    As sueq said: I will read more and try these: immediately addressing low blood sugar; lowering tryptophan ; niacinamide and other vit Bs; carrot salad ; aspirin ; lowering pufa. How do I lower tryptophan?
    I will look into topic Mitter provided. I eat typical American breakfast with backon, 2 egs, orange juice etc. and diner usally I eat Thaifood.
    Lin talked about heart rate. I not have a problem with it. I had resting rate 64 and blood pressure is 108/79 as of last week. Blood pressure was somewhat low, compared to what it normally is. And after exercising it gets lower soon.
    I think I ruin my thyroid years ago, by constant stress, over training and eating diet low of protein and sugars.
    Why I get red in the face and sweaty several times a day? These episodes last for a few minutes.

    Also not all the time, but often i must urinate often daytime. Night time i am ok.. not prostate problems.

    PS maybe 2,5 grains is not enough of thiroid? I been on it for about 3 months only. Just upped it to 3 garins divided in 3.