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Naturewise vitamin D3 brand- anyone used this?

Dr. B

Mar 16, 2021
Anyone used this brand of vitamin D3? Its highly purchased and used on amazon… priced similar to other popular brands like nutrigold and sport’s research.

On paper, this brand seems to have it all. Their softgel capsules are kosher/halal beef gelatin… the oil in their product is organic extra virgin olive oil… the D3 is from cholecalciferol (lanolin) as recommended by Danny and Ray and others…

However they seem to have some concerning amazon reviews if you click the 1 star reviews on their 5000IU D3 product and 1000 IU D3 product. The reviews seem genuine, doesnt seem like a competitor wrote them. Some of the reviews are expressing concern over their product being apparently sourced from China and only bottled in the USA?
Some are expressing concern over whether it’s actually Vitamin D3 inside… i think one person claimed the 1000 IU product raised their parathyroid hormone? And a few of them claim the vitamin D, for certain, actually raised their blood sugar levels into prediabetic range, made them gain lots of water weight, made them fatigue, get a swelled face, stomach issues etc.

Are people getting those sorts of effects from vitamin D3 supplements in general? Or only this specific brand naturewise? And if it is from vitamin D3 in general causing these side effects, what part of it would be doing so? Since on paper most of these brands for vitamin D appear to be doing everything correctly like using lanolin sourced D3, olive oil or coconut oil in the capsule, beef gelatin capsule etc. there dont seem to be issues with the ingredients in most of these D3 brands ive seen.
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