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Nasal Polyps And Allergies

Discussion in 'Female Issues' started by Philippe, Mar 11, 2017.

  1. Philippe

    Philippe Member

    Hello guys,

    I am writing to you through this portal to solve the mysterious symptoms my wife had since she was 28 (she is now 37):
    - nasal polyps (one operation done in 2013 ; cleared for 3months before coming back)
    - treatment included: nasal sprays (doing nothing as they don t seem to get up there), steroids like prednisolone (working short term very effectively! but symptoms back as soon as she stops them after 2 weeks time)
    - suffering from numerous allergies (dust mites, all pollen, dust) ; we have to buy anti allergens for bed covers etc but it does n t seem to work that well as a filter.
    - We did test for parasites and gastrointestinal abnormalities but found nothing except slightly high lvl of H.Pylori that was removed with garlic extract and mastic gum. We also found slightly elevated Enterococcus vs. lowish Lactobacillus but nothing was done about that (except probiotics for a few weeks but that didnt change a thing allergy wise). Also to mention : low lvls of Geotricum spp. (type of yeast). Other types of yeast (incl. candida albicans) were all negative.
    - No IBS or gastrointestinal abnormalities.
    - Additional test included low SIgA of 256 (vs lab 510-2040) and high anti-giladin SIgA of 9,4 (vs lab 0 - 6,4) suspecting low immunity.
    - We did test for DOA histamine intolerance; DOA was 23,6 suggesting histamine intolerance was improbable (lab considers > 10 to be a good result suggesting no or low histamine intolerance)
    - PMS symptoms getting worse before periods ; she is now pregnant and symptoms are peaking awfully (congestion, nose streaming, cough, skin irritation, asthma attacks, shortness of breath)
    - Osteopenia was diagnosed 2years ago.
    - many blood tests done >> biochemistry, blood and liver were normal but we noticed the following : 1. tendency to be slightly aenemic (low range but normal RBC) but was corrected with diet. However, Iron was rather on the low end 8.7 (lab range 6,6 - 26) and iron saturation was low at 15% (lab range 20-55%) 2. slightly high cholesterol (both HDL and LDL but low triglycerides) suggesting she has trouble to convert it to hormones 3. TSH 1.02 (< 2.00) which was surprisingly not too bad ; FT4 was 13,3 (lab 9 - 22 pmol/L) and FT3 was 3,82 (lab 2,63-5,70 pmol/L) with no abnormal anti thyroglobulin or peroxidase present.
    - Otherwise, body temp seems to be normal but pulse is weak at rest (c.60s)
    - Diet wise she eats Perfect Health Diet from Jaminet with sometimes starch from gluten based grains (not very often). She avoids dairy though try to eat cheese sometimes. Does not do coffee or milk as it doesn t do well mucous wise. Avoids PUFA oils most of the time as well legumes.
    - Doctors think she might have samter triad with aspirin allergy (but not tested through medics which seem a bit weird as they suggested that issue...). So she might react to fruit juices for ex such as OJ.

    We have seen numerous doctors, which was useless as they told us nothing could be done except operations when the situation turns out to be unsustainable physically polyp wise. Functional practitioners were more helpful but couldn t guess the issue. One suggested she could have been exposed to mold/mycotoxin or yeast at one point in time and that gave her the symptoms for the last 10 years.

    I dont want to analyse anything but my guess would be that she has for some reason oestrogen dominance and serotonin/histamine peaking from inflamation, causing all the physical distress including asthma (lack of CO2, high NOX) and osteopenia. However, its a pain correcting it as she doesnt do dairy and cannot take aspirin or other thyroid suroggates as she doesn t seem to react well to those. Carrot salad isn't helping for now.

    As she is now pregnant, we are a bit worried that it might impact the fetus development or that symptoms will be hard to manage for her as the fetus pumps up more glucose to get proper respiration for survival.

    Supplement wise she is not taking anything expect topical vitamin A/D/K once a week (4000iu vit d, 5000iu vit a, 1mg K4). I wanted to try Tyromax or other NDT but i m not sure it is safe during pregnancy especially products containing DMSO. Also though about progest E but i dont know how can it be used during pregnancy and for how long,

    Would you reply to this msg, your insight would be much appreciated.

  2. paymanz

    paymanz Member

  3. OP

    Philippe Member

    Hi Paymanz! Yes we did that ; a bit of a relief during a crisis but unfortunately not solving the metabolic meltdown ...
  4. Sounds to like she needs to be tested for Samter's triad and have it confirmed or excluded because this sounds like a real possibility. I just met someone recently who treated this with oral immunotherapy successfully. This must be done under Dr. supervision but could really help.
  5. OP

    Philippe Member

    Yes, apparently she did immunotherapy for dust mites, pollen and grasses four years ago but had to stop after anaphylactic shock. She didn't try immunotherapy for aspirin/salicylates as you need to be stationary at the hospital for monitoring.

    Symptoms described in my first msg are all spiking (asthma, shortness of breath, coughing, itchy skin etc) since she found she was pregnant 2 weeks ago. We don't know how to reduce the pain/discomforts as it's becoming difficult to sleep and pushing stress through the roof which isn't good during pregnancy.
  6. OP

    Philippe Member

    @haidut any insight on the situation would be greatly appreciated.

    Also wondering if tyromax or/and progest-e was safe during pregnancy if taken topically ?

    Anyway, I m grateful to all of you guys for your suggestions.
  7. HDD

    HDD Member

    @Philippe This is a thread with some info on using progesterone and thyroid during pregnancy with a link to another pregnancy thread.
    Low Thyroid And Pregnant

    @Emunagal is a forum member that used progesterone during her pregnancy. You can search her posts for some details.
  8. Ella

    Ella Member

    Is she eating liver?
  9. OP

    Philippe Member

    @HDD thanks for linking the articles that may help if we want to try this route.

    @Ella yes but not that often as she should (5 oz a week) as it's difficult to find a good sourced calf liver where we live. I use a few drops of vit a (retinyl palmitate) on her ankles (maybe 20k iu topically, which would be around 5k iu équivalent I guess.
    But I would like to test her vitamin a levels in blood as it is a precursor of steroids with T3 and cholesterol.

    Also we received mineral testing last month (potassium, mg, Ca, Se, etc) and she was within lab range.

    Also strange her CRP is < 1 and homocysteine seems ok, not reflecting her allergies and chronic inflammation:nasal polyp congestion...
  10. Peatful

    Peatful Member

    Hi Phil. I immediately thought of gut issues reading her history.
    Maybe do fodmaps for a while....very close to peating. Keep calories up though for more than one reason.
    Regardless, a majority of her symptoms are indeed gut and inflammation related.
    Best to u both.
  11. OP

    Philippe Member

    @Peatful yes as a SIBO/IBs sufferer myself that's what I thought too. That's why I tested her for parasites and infections but the only thing that came along was slightly elevated h.pylori which was treated and low lactobacillus/high enterococcus. Also, they found trace of geotricum spp. Yeast type (Candida albicans measure wasn't unusual).

    My conclusion was that it might come more from either samter s triad (salicylate sensitivity), hormonal imbalance , nutritional deficiency or/and mycotoxin exposure rather than gut issues related to bacteria or parasite.

    She is regular and never complains about ibs symptoms. She also didn't have any parasites in her bowels.
  12. Peatful

    Peatful Member

    Wasn't suggesting anything bacterial. Thinking more endotoxin or serotonin issues. Needs easy to digest small frequent meals. Keep temps and pulse up. Keep blood sugar stable.
  13. OP

    Philippe Member

    @Peatful thank ! Already gone that route but nada... it's like her symptoms are almost impossible to relieve...her congestion and polyps are always present so she can't breath properly and when hormones are messed up it all goes into coughing, nose streaming and asthma .
  14. oldfriend

    oldfriend Member

    Has she been tested for food allergies, or tried an elimination diet to rule out the most likely offenders? I see you mentioned dairy, but what about eggs? I've had polyps in the past, and they always seemed to flare up when my eating habits were the worst. I'm allergic to eggs btw.
  15. Blossom

    Blossom Moderator

    @Peatful thank ! Already gone that route but nada... it's like her symptoms are almost impossible to relieve...her congestion and polyps are always present so she can't breath properly and when hormones are messed up it all goes into coughing, nose streaming and asthma.

    Hi Phillipe! I know this post is a year old, but I just wanted to see how your wife (and baby) are doing. I suffer from Samter's Triad and can relate to some of her symptoms. She has my sympathy! My symptoms never got as bad as what you describe. What a nightmare!

    I'm trying to determine if it's caused by SIBO as it's finally come to roost this weekend. I am hoping this is also what's behind my salicylate sensitivity.

    If you reply I can share more, and maybe help each other. :):

    ETA: this was posted by another member @Mmmaurshmallows in quotes by accident instead of in the thread so I copy and pasted it here.
  16. pinacolada

    pinacolada Member

    Any updates? I have very similar symptoms and my doctor also believes I was exposed to mold
  17. achillea

    achillea Member

  18. achillea

    achillea Member

  19. pinacolada

    pinacolada Member

    I emailed ray about mold and his reply: Mycotoxins don’t stay in the body long. Many kinds of oral supplement can cause allergy symptoms such as wheezing and coughing and headaches, so I use vitamin D and vitamin K on my skin in their oily solvent. The dose has to be about ten times higher, and rubbed in well. Using a good thyroid supplement to lower TSH, and a generous amount of calcium in the diet, can reduce inflammatory effects.
  20. achillea

    achillea Member

    But if you have a fungus in your sinus growing and living you have to do something.

    Scroll down to see endoscopic photo of fungus in sinus.... Dr Dennis is an ENT and is having great luck with clearing weird maladies, simply and inexpensively
    .Sinus Defense - Sinusitis Wellness