Mysterious Blood Clots Are COVID-19's Latest Lethal Surprise


Jan 1, 2013


Jun 20, 2015
A German pathologist did post-mortem examinations of about 100 patients. (This was the latest figure I heard.) He says everyone he examined had serious co-morbidities. In many of them he saw pulmonary embolism.

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Aug 17, 2016
Mysterious blood clots are COVID-19's latest lethal surprise | The Japan Times

These clots supposedly happen in 31% of the infected and are probably the reason ventilators don't work, and why so many young people succumb.

The doctors are sometimes forced to amputate limbs.

Of course, they never heard of serrapeptase or nattokinase.
and/or maybe aromatase inhibitor like exemastane. Young women are on the pill.

Bromocriptine, ketotifen, diamox, thiamine, sugar, salt, sunlight, vit A, paper, sandwich bag
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