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    Jul 15, 2020
    Hi all, long time fly on the wall, first time poster. Wanted to share my experience with the idealabs products I’ve tried:

    Retinol-very good! Best A product I've tried. 2 drops on each wrist daily at night time
    Tocovit-best E product I've tried, hands down. Taken at night with retinol and several other non-idealabs supplements (niacinamide, horse chestnut extract, choline, vit C)
    6 drops on hip crease, 6 on inner elbow
    Pansterone-very good at first. Over time, I guess as it accumulates in tissues, I get what appears to be an estrogen response-less vascularity and a slight decrease in testicle size. I attempted to offset this by adding a bit more stressnon ~a 2:1 ratio stressnon:pansterone. This wasn't enough so I added androsterone to my pansterone doses, which I limit to 3 days a week (non weightlifting days). I keep that ratio close to 1:1 (5 mg preg/dhea:4 mg androsterone). Any suggestions on how you would optimize this for yourself are welcome. Would a buildup in tissues past normal levels possibly convert to estrogen? I haven't got around to bloodwork recently.
    Stressnon-I use this to supplement my pansterone doses, and on my days off from pansterone. Great product! Nothing to compare it to (or pansterone for that matter) as they are my first use of these supplements. This seems to undo the estrogen effect from pansterone and recover the testicles to normal size and bring back vascularity. Dose is ~15 mg a day over 3 doses. I have read conflicting reports about cycling pregnenolone on the forum and other places. At 15 mg a day, do you think it necessary to cycle? I will probably just back off it a bit when the positive effects taper off. I understand it's probably difficult to give advice for this (and other things) as they can go down several different paths and be affected by so many things.
    Androsterone-first time using this as well, so nothing to compare it to. I started at 2 drops a day on nipples (1 each) I don't go higher than 4 mg a day at this point. (1 drop on each nipplefor one dose, 1 drop in belly button for the other 2 doses. Trying to be conservative with this. I limit it to 3 days a week (with pansterone only). This is potent stuff, love the effects, but still cautious. May lower frequency even more just to be safe.
    Gonadin-plan to use this when I take a week off from pansterone/androsterone.
    Kuinone-love this as well. Working in construction makes dosing this difficult so I use the relentless improvement product during the week (to avoid leaving kuinone in a hot car). I use it on weekends either on scrotum or belly button. Very good effects! Dose is ~5 drops. (Not all on scrotum). Noticeable effect on vascularity and T levels.

    Have been successful alternating between scrotal and navel application for most products and may stick to navel application in the future.