My experience after just a couple of days..


Sep 26, 2012
I started eating along Dr Peats guidelines (including stopped taking 2 tsp codliver oil daily) just two days ago and I am full of energy all day long and sleep all through the night! I used to wake up twice every night and feel tired for a long time in morning trying to get going. Also, I used to have dark skin under the eyes which is almost gone! I used to get light headed upon getting out of bed, and sometimes from a seated position and it no longer happens at all. Lastly I've had some light bleeding of my gums each time I brushed and that too is gone already completely. Amazing how several of my issues were taken care of immediately! I am excited to see how it will affect my menstrual cycle which has been somewhat irregular and my periods longer than they should be even taking some sub-lingual progesterone. :)


The Law & Order Admin
Jan 4, 2012
Two days!!!! Wow!!! Thats really awesome. Imagine what 2 years will bring you? Way to go!

Now, just got to figure out what I am doing wrong. :rolling Although, I do remember that right in the beginning a lot of good things happened, then went away, now they are slowly very slowly coming back.

Keep us updated, Destiny!


I saw a lot of improvement in about 4 months of being PUFA-free. I could eat comfortably like 10 times the amount of sugar as when I was eating PUFAs. I used to feel bad if I consumed even moderate amounts sugar. Drastically increasing the amount of sugar without feeling bad was one of the most convincing evidence that PUFAs are bad.


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Sep 26, 2012
J. I agree, this is the first time I feel GOOD about using sugar!! It had been a few years since I bought any! lol I noticed when I used to eat cake or cookies (which contained PUFAS as well as wheat) I couldn't stop eating. I don't have this any longer.


Oct 13, 2012
I am another reformed fish-oil user. Actually it scares me a bit now to think how long I was taking it. I slowly phased it out when I first started to doubt and quit completely probably about 6 months ago, but I also made a bunch of other changes as well. Just wondering how things are going now, as I see you haven't posted in a while.
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