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Morning light for circadian rhythm entrainment?


Nov 27, 2016
does anyone use a light for the morning to entrain their circadian rhythm?

Nomane Euger

Sep 22, 2020
is daybreak light really bright enough?
Yes 1000%,even in winter I wake up 10 minutes around sunrise every morning,basically arround 9pm 10pm,i go in my bedroom,i close the shutters from my windows,I turn on my small lamp with a red bulb,sit thee 10 minutes with a boxer only as a cloth,then I put blue/green light blocking glasses and I wear full
CLoths,and I watch some ***t on either my bedroom tv/phone/computer with light filter on,once I yawn a lot and start to loose focus I go
To sleep in total dark and I wake up the day after at sunrise with out alarm or anything

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