Money/finances To Achieve Health -- Or Health First To Then Achieve It?


Jul 21, 2019
Near the Promised Land
Seems a tough method forward for people. Some pursue resources and funds so they can reach a place of health or "betterment" of sorts -- others try and achieve "salvation" of some sort even with nothing but the clothes on their backs (if even). What approach usually is the more optimal one though, at least for the most part?

Can people achieve good health in first-world countries in today's age with no resources, finances, etc. (in others words being poor, low-class/classless, socially rejected)? Do people need to get financial/social freedom & success and then a sense of more "freedom" in general through finances/other methods prior to fully relishing in the benefits of health thereon, as opposed to finding some "health" in an "anti-health" situation/environment to possibly work from there onwards?

Or do people basically have to fix their health intrinsically (metabolism, hormones, vigor, sense of identity, structure, etc.) with no matter external to our concerns like our place of being, circumstances, living conditions, etc.? Because it's a tough angle to play by telling people to both achieve health in one way ("internally" or regards to metabolic function isolated more) while also trying to outwardly make their standing/circumstances more ideal ("externally" or regarding perception of one's place in life/treatment/so on). I mean you can try more money -> more choices to create purpose/happiness/better means-> good place of being. The problem is that if we work everything in our being to our bones to make more money to "better ourselves," then what are we once that money is gone? There must be some innate work done, but it's hard knowing how much money/etc. you might need with no specific purpose or idea of what to do with it -- and where your health is supposedly going to take you if then you have a limit due to finances/etc. in some other ways regarding freedom, choice, pursuits, etc.

It's complex since you can sort of do both, but each degree left or right can backfire in different ways, effectively making it a balancing act somehow.
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Jul 2, 2013
I'll give you my experience...

I'm not rich but I come close to the "happiness" number or whatever they're calling $75,000/year. I have had money to spend frivolously after paying rent and bills and that expendable income has gone into supplements, i.e., vitamins, minerals, anything from Idealabs, and tools, i.e., red light device, shaking platform, compression clothing, microneedle device, etc.

Money can't buy motivation. I have manic tendencies and having money just got me excited to buy more things. I wasn't participating in the therapy process, I was just taking things in hopes that they would correct errant biochemical processes.

It permitted me to live a relatively low stress lifestyle.

I didn't need it ultimately. I needed space and time and I had no idea how to ask for and get that. I was able to shut out everyone in my life and keep the margins of my obligations at a bare minimum because I didn't need to ask anyone for anything. I was and am self-sufficient monetarily.

If I didn't have money OR space/time/freedom, I would have gone insane, literally. I might have gone to more extreme measures to get the latter if push came to shove. I considered living alone in the woods for a period of time.

You need to want to get better, in my opinion. Having the means to just buy a new silver bullet can distract one from putting in the hard work it takes to overcome certain issues. Mine are muscular, I have had to be open to pain and discomfort as a means of letting my nerves breathe. There are many means of cheap care, if one needs to add something to the system to get it working right again. Aspirin comes to mind. I'm doing a homeopathy experiment right now, actually I just stopped because I got over a long-standing hump and I want to see if my intentions alone (or in concert with Ray-sized doses) can help me grow, physically and mentally. I've got about 30 pounds to gain. But aspirin and homeopathy are invaluable tools and they're dirt cheap.

Money is an analgesic.
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Nov 14, 2017
Most people abuse their health to make money, and then spend money to try to reclaim health... I think best would be to make money while working on health, but it may (or may not) limit both goals. Sometimes it takes working 100 hours a week, maybe for years, to be wealthy. Sometimes it takes sipping orange juice on a beach, maybe for years, to be healthy...
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