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Oct 14, 2012
Just saving myself some time, I've responded to a couple of questions with pretty much identical responses, if you are not being mindful of your breath you are missing one enormous and truly miraculous healing tool.

See Normal Breathing

and my post here:

Mods I know Ray, at least in his article Stress and Water appears sceptical of Buteyko stuff, but the fact that the CO2 vid is a presentation to Buteyko educators suggests that he's at least open to its usefulness.


Apr 17, 2013
Thanks for posting that; I just did the slow breathing to warm up hands and feet.
That's really helpful because I was just about to post asking if there's another way to raise temps besides constantly eating, haha.


Jan 22, 2013
ive been through the gambit...its really not about forcing breath in a certain way. Its about being in an environment where easy deep breathing comes naturally and you're not even thinking about it...hence a low stress environment with clean air. I don't think forcing anything is good...it might be fun to experiment with breathing for learning for enjoyment sake, but ultimately its silly to have to force something that should ultimately be a natural thing if you were in a calm place
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