Minimizing PUFA problems other nasties during weight loss


Apr 18, 2015
I"m a newbie to the site, and though I've read quite a few posts, but not seeing what I am looking for. I do see bits about vitamin E and B3, but is there a comprehensive list/plan with the suggestions with dosing information, etc?

I have been gradually losing weight for the last couple of months. I have a ways to go yet and my many years of dutifully following 'healthy' eating advice has me concerned about the PUFAs (and I don't even know what else) now being released from their captivity.

What can I do to ensure I lose in the least distructive way possible?


Feb 25, 2015
b vitamins, enough protein, caffeine/coffee, niacinamide(small doses), aspirin, vitamin E, carrot salad, small doses of coconut oil


Jul 22, 2012
That sounds good, RPD.
Could you flesh out your reasoning a little bit?


Thread starter
Apr 18, 2015
I didn't mean to drop in here and disappear. I got sick not long after I posted my question and didn't feel up to much of anything for a while. I can't believe how long it is taking me to get back to normal.

I did buy carrots and vitamin E - no luck on the niacinamide. I always take B vitamins and use coconut oil. I'm not entirely sure I get enough protein.
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