Milky Oysters? (its Sperm)


Aug 12, 2019
What does a milky oyster look like? does anyone have a picture? since I read about milky oysters and what that actually is ive been put off buying Oysters. I bought some and there was a white bit and I thought it was, ya know, sperm. So I didnt eat them..

The only video/photo I can find online is this


Is that white stuff what people mean by milky oysters?



Jun 7, 2016
LOL just eat them, all of it.

People make oysters with worstershire sauce and bacon cooked in the oven in the shell to make it taste yum. Raw with lemon and ginger is good too or just plain raw is fine, smaller oysters are easier to swallow in one go without having to chew.


Thread starter
Aug 12, 2019
noooo not eating sperm. they say this is why people eat them in months without an R in the name. I just want to know what a milky oyster looks like so I can stop being paranoid about eating oyster sperm :wacky:


Jul 29, 2014
People eat testicles. I always wonder what those taste like but haven't tried them... My Ram's testicles are insanely big (like in between a soft-ball and a volley ball) and I feel like if I butcher him I don't wanna waste those things.
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