Milk cause Crohn disease & Rheumatoid Arthritis?


Apr 8, 2020
After some searching i found this:

If you intend on consuming a lot of milk, and on using fattier than 1% milk, and maybe even then, I would boil it for minimum 15 minutes to reduce your risk of developing digestive disorders.

High quality Milk, at least in America, possibly other countries as well, is really hard to find if you aren't dealing with a local farmer.

It's controversial, but I think there are many pathogens that survive current pasteurization protocols, a major one being MAP, or paratuberculosis, which is looking likely to be the bacteria behind the steadily rising cases of Crohn's disease. India is one of the few milk drinking countries where Crohn's is not on the rise. India also happens to traditionally boil thier milk every time before consumption, even if it has been pasteurized. It is never drank cold.
It appears the pathogen hides in the milk fat, so low/non fat dairy is probably safer, however I would probably cook/boil that as well.

Anecdotally, I've seen vast improvement pulling dairy from my diet. And your symptoms are very similar to mine. Constipation, or small hard stools. No appetite, bloating, slow digestion. I also developed a fissure as well as some lower back pain and some ED, possibly from the inflammation and toxicity in my colon. I've decrease my animal protein consumption overall which lowers my calcium needs. Potatoes, broths, and seafood is where the majority of my daily protein comes from. Almost all of my symptoms are gone, or almost gone, and I've only been really diligent for about 2-3weeks. As I continue to heal, I will likely up my fat a bit to moderate status, since I've found too low fat in the long term leads to issues. I intend on keeping my protein low.



Oct 19, 2019
That's disturbing. I have no idea what to eat or not eat anymore.
I don't think there's a single food or nutrient on the forum that doesn't have a polar opposite opinion on a scale from it will literally kill you to you eat/take this and you will transcend the physical realm your metabolism will be so high.


Nov 23, 2020
Many people on this planet do not drink milk and their lives are just fine, actually they excellent.


Apr 18, 2018
Many people on this planet do not drink milk and their lives are just fine, actually they excellent.
Clearly you have asked them all, checked their health parameters and judged them by your standards. Most excellent.


Dec 10, 2016
After some searching i found this:

I have IBD and know a lot about the subject of MAP as I tested positive for it and tried the triple antibiotic treatment for it.

The subject is complicated. First of all, most commercial dairy does not have MAP in it because cattle infected with it develop Johne's disease and get treated with TB meds or put down. It's not pervasive. Even so, avoiding dairy won't help. MAP is everywhere. It's even in drinking water because chlorination won't kill it.

However, the issue goes deeper. The lead MAP researchers in the world admit that MAP is present in healthy populations. Most people have it. The issue is why the immune system keeps it in check in most people but not in a minority.

The Crohn's map vaccine is a project aimed at giving people a T cell injection so that people with defective T cells can get immune training to recognize intracellular MAP invasion. If it works, and if MAP causes Crohn's, then it should eliminate Crohn's.

The MAP antibiotics didn't work for me.theh devastated my gut and it took years to recover just from that.

Not being able to tolerate dairy, even intermittently, has other explanations. Gut disease is becoming epidemic. Our food systems have widespread contamination issues, pesticides, and antibiotics. Combined with modern stress, gut erosion is inevitable.

I'm dubious of the MAP hypothesis because in the focus groups of people with Crohn's, the data was all over the place. Some people had the highest MAP numbers in their blood when they were in remission while other people tested lower than their previous tests while in a bowel flare. I myself had low numbers when I was dying from a flare but high numbers later.

Similarly... I talked to a genomics researcher recently. She said some people test high in gut pathogens and then see naturopaths to do pathogen protocols. Their guts heal and they get their lives back, but still test positive in those pathogens!

So it's not as simple as attacking pathogens. I think we are dealing with complex biology that's an intersection between gut ecology, immunity, genetics, physical health, food systems, and whether gut pathogens are in an aggressive or commensal state. Most people have gut pathogens but they are not being harmed by them.


Nov 9, 2016
Thanks for the post...I'm going to keep drinking my milk and not worry about it. At least that's the plan!


Feb 13, 2021
After some searching i found this:

This is great timing, thanks for sharing!

I've been drinking LOTS of milk for a while now, and while it does give some extra energy, it also seems to inflame my joints.

Will try boiling milk before drinking and see what happens...
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