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Microwave Exposure Increases Serotonin And Impairs Learning

  1. The study found that chronic exposure to EMR (the kind found in your microwave and your WiFi router) leads to chronically elevated serotonin. Another point against the "happiness" hormone. I think Ray also mentioned in one of his articles that serotonin powerfully suppresses learning and memory in humans, and that was confirmed by studies as early as the 1940s.
    So, stay away from your microwave when it's on, and turn off your WiFi router when you are not using it.


    "...We demonstrated that chronic exposure to microwave (2.856GHz, with the average power density of 5, 10, 20 and 30mW/cm2) could induce dose-dependent deficit of spatial learning and memory in rats accompanied with inhibition of brain electrical activity, the degeneration of hippocampus neurons, and the disturbance of neurotransmitters, among which the increase of 5-HT occurred as the main long-term change that the decrease of its metabolism partly contributed to. Besides, the variations of 5-HT1AR and 5-HT2CR expressions were also indicated. The results suggested that in the long-term way, chronic microwave exposure could induce cognitive deficit and 5-HT system may be involved in it."
  2. Not going to happen then :lol:
  3. Ah, cable laying, this long lost art...
  4. lol, my computers receive like 10 signals from the neighbors.
  5. All I see are class action potentials.
  6. I don't see that until the more obvious damage from x-rays is penalized.
  7. With time, my friend :cool:
  8. Is there a recommended distance? Like say, 6 feet or something? My router is in my bedroom. Everyone else in my family are night owls (late teens, early twenties) so I don't think I can get away with turning it off at night.
  9. I can't ever see myself avoiding wifi but I'll make sure to consume extra BCAA and carrots+vinegar+coconut oil.
  10. I think it's more important to stay away from cellphones, especially 4G. Router has 80mW going in the antenna at max, except in the United States where laws are more "manly", I guess.
  11. Yeah, I don't keep my cell phone near where I sleep, and I don't carry it on my person. But my health has deteriorated since moving to the current wifi set up. Probably other factors involved.
  12. It's going to take a lot of advancement in human emotional intelligence to drop wifi as a whole. Hell, to eat salty, fatty, sugary food won't take much, but people are addicted to their phones.

    So according to this study, does turning off wifi on your phone have a significant effect? Or just turning off your router?
  13. just last night I called someone, and it was weird, I had just drinkin a good milk brew and smoked earlier, I was feeling good and satisfied, which ususally lasts 2-3 hours, then after the call which was for but 5 minutes my mind felt irritated, unsatisfied, and even some spaciness (subtle, but I notice things...I have extreme sensitivity and acuteness of assessment of body/mind). Ive had that in the back of my mind for so long, I used to think it was the vibe of the person on the other end of the phone that disturbed my mood but now im realizing for sure, its just the phone. Whenever I pick it up and put it against my ear, I immediately naturally move it as far away as I can while still being able to hear the ring. So I had to chill out again like right after the call just to get my mind right again. It makes me wonder, potentially, no wonder everyone is so effed up man, in terms of a lot of things...no wonder they cant even have a convo and ar always slightly nervous/neurotic. I mean I know serotonin estrogen and all that are probably bigger factors, but people with their phone agasint their face or in their pocket all the time is a big time issue
  14. It's not very different, just another chronic thing to elevate the stress response baseline. Science leaders know or used to be aware of this, it's just that they choose to cut off the research right at the start with some kind of "benefits versus negatives" and the "it's better for them if they don't know" superhero rhetoric they always fall back to, same for holocaust research, same for atomic research, same for plastics, same for pesticides, same for vaccines, on and on.

    The system teaches you that after you have been specialized, you will be fit to act and decide for the population as a whole in things that you have studied, whereas the reality is that we are far from the point in which this kind of perfect delegation of tasks is achievable. Think of when a farmer sprays illegal substances on his crops: you have outsourced food production to him, but this is inefficient and dangerous at this point in time because he does not consider your good as his good, and at the same time his technical wisdom is not replicated in any amount inside your own capabilities which adds danger and removes redundancy.

    You are two distinct organisms for all intensive purposes and have very weak coupling. His job even loses much sense, for he might as well be a chimney sweeper or a miner and make the same money. It is also clear that this is going on for many academians when you look at them in the eye and do not see any joy or passion, only fatigue. Of course if you look a little below the eyes you can almost spot a goitre, so it is pretty obvious that low thyroid function and bad diet are holding humanity back in this aspect.
  15. Since the average consumer likes it a lot if a product costs $0.5 less and thinks its fine to eat those 20+ added pufasoy ingredients, there is tremendous incentive to outsource jobs and dilute the quality. This is a well functioning market where the average consumers are getting what they ask for.
  16. They don't know what to ask for, and there is no need to ask for anything here. The fact that "lower is better" as long as the products are in the same isle is simply a reductionistic view of the products themselves. Reductionistic views are only needed in the context of an uncoupled society and a "logic" of maximum gain of a currency which is itself divorced from usefulness. Again, a dollar made in one way is not a dollar made in another, regardless of the fact that the dollar itself lets you equate those two amounts.
  17. Well it's a good idea to keep all electronics several feet from you while you sleep, with your cell phone & the router being the most important to keep away. Unfortunately you will be hit with the wifi waves depending on the signal strength. So if your device is getting full signal, then your body is being hit with full signal, so putting the router in another room will not do much. Depending on how late the last person goes to bed, you can hook it up a timer (either based on time or using a remote) to at least get some wifi free sleep time
  18. If you can't ditch the Wifi completely (let's face it, most households are completely habituated to having it now) most modern routers can be set to broadcast on a time schedule. I have mine cease broadcasting at 10pm and start again at 8am- at least I'm not being irradiated while sleeping. This also helps remind me not to be blasting my retinas with blue light when I should be in bed or soaking in epsom salts.
  19. Just an interesting thing, if you look at the average living room, the seat of honor/ power (grandpa's recliner, e.g.) is always the farthest from the tv, always. Withing screen sight but far from the rays /blue light.
  20. I recently got wifi in the house and have been leery of it since reading tyw's concerns. I would try it from time to time and see if using it made a difference in how I felt. The last time I used it, for about a half hour, my head felt weird, like it was humming on a low level. It wasn't quite pain, but it was disturbing. I was then firmly convinced that it's damaging for me. I am going to get a cabled setup in its place.

    When I was a child, my father used to make us back away from the television if we were too close. Radiation! He was right about that at least. ;)
  21. Are you Eastern European by any chance? I have visited all of those countries and in every single one of them this is still a common warning given to children sitting on the floor close to the TV. Boy, am I glad I listened to my parents back in the day :):
  22. It is possible that 5ghz signal is safer? Higher frequencies decrease in power density faster than a 2.4ghz.

    Your initial power source is not as significant as distance if I'm understanding this correctly.
  23. Higher frequencies have been shown to be more carcinogenic. The terahertz scanners at the airport have a warning about increasing cancer risk, but they tell you it's a lot smaller risk compared to X-Ray. Also, given that higher loss in power density, to achieve the same coverage I suspect the wifi routers operating in the 5Ghz range output a lot more power. So, it's probably the same exposure and it's best to limit it.
  24. I just heard a ray peat clip where he says microwaves are fine, that they are just like boiling.
  25. My father was half Serbian, half Croatian, but born under Mussolini's rule.
  26. How can you best protect yourself? Blocking serotonin with stuff like cypro/metergoline/lysine?
  27. I think it would be more effective to reduce your exposure to the microwaves. Shield your smart meters, get rid of cordless phones, wifi, microwaves, and only use your cellphone on speaker, and don't carry it next to your body. Their are inexpensive faraday canopies which when placed over ones bed ensure a virtually emf-free sleeping environment.
  28. Well I work 40 hours per week next to a microwave... With tons of other microwaves near by.

    I dont seem to get affected real much, i can focus well, and I like my job.

    So therefore im more interested in finding ways to decrease the negative health effects.
  29. Are there any studies to prove that microwaves or not Good and destroy food when cooked in a microwave.
  30. Anyone know how these doses compare to the microwave energy output of common devices? Eg how much energy does a cell phone use to communicate with a tower.