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    Oct 18, 2013
    I just watched a live stream of a talk by James Fadiman and another researcher about a study they're conducting on microdosing (this was at the Psychedelic Science 2017 conference). It's still early days for the study (it only officially started in February this year, I think), but they presented some of their findings so far for those who have completed a full cycle (which is 10 doses, one every three days).

    They reported some of what you might expect--the great benefit for depression, for example, but they also told about some really surprising effects. I'll list the ones I can remember:
    - Someone who's been battling Lyme disease for 7 years felt dramatically better after just the first microdose.
    - A 77 yo man who'd had a stroke at 70 and who, though partially recovered, still had trouble with stairs and rarely went out, is now planning a solo trip to Mexico to see a friend. He also reported increased libido.
    - A woman who had suffered from Dermatillomania for 60 years now has perfectly healthy skin and rarely has the urge anymore (and can stop herself if she gets really stressed and has the urge again).
    - A woman whose husband accidentally titrated the doses so that they were getting only 1 mcg of LSD in their microdoses reduced her migraine frequency from 1x/day to maybe 1x/month.
    - A friend of the couple above started taking their mini-microdose and her depression lifted and her hair stopped falling out.
    - A woman who was in the hospital weekly for transfusions because her menstrual bleeding was so heavy no longer needed transfusions.
    - He mentioned several other women reporting great relief from various menstrual issues (pain, excess bleeding, etc.). (I'm pretty sure he said that one woman took only one microdose and never again, and her periods remained totally normal after that--but I could be misremembering. Maybe she just did it for one month? Either way, an amazing result.)
    - One woman no longer had bulemic tendencies.

    In the group who was doing microdosing for "enhanced wellness" (i.e., they have no obvious health issues) subjects consistently reported reduced procrastination, better food choices, greater sociability, greater tolerance for annoying people, etc., as well as greater openness and introspection.

    If you are interested in joining the study, you can go to microdosingpsychedelics.com to sign up. (Even if you don't want to join the study but are curious about their protocol, click their sign up link and you can see their recommendations.)

    I think the presentation will eventually be posted on the MAPS site, in case you want to look out for it. I'm really interested in reading their longer-term results, and and strongly considering joining the study. He said one of the best things about this study has been hearing reports of benefits that they never would have predicted, like the ones I listed above. The more people who try it and report in, the better idea they'll have of just how broad the effects can be.
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    Mar 1, 2017
    I think psychedelics in general are one of the most over hyped things on the internet at the moment. At least not I nor anyone I personally know have ever got much of anything out of them apart from cool visuals and novel experiences. I can see how they can be used as tools in the right hands and in the right situation, but it's debatable how common that is.

    There has definitely been some kind of intentional lobbying push going on for psychedelics in the past few years. I remain skeptical of the benefits that are often claimed.