Mexico Is Looking More And More Attractive. Any Advice Or Suggestions?

Oct 8, 2016
Colorado, USA
Hate to burst your bubbles but Mexico has some of the most violent cities on earth and it’s been getting worse and worse (List of cities by murder rate - Wikipedia). We used to go to Tijuana to buy vegetables but stopped that years ago when the gang violence went out of control and the whole city and its police became corrupt. Bodies were showing up in rivers and most murders were going unsolved. Honest police were being hunted and gunned down.

My impression of Mexicans and Mexico as far as “conservatism“ is that they are conservative when it comes to family values but many are staunch supporters of socialism/Marxism of whom ironically constantly attack those traditional family values and society leading to further breakdown. This also which doesn’t bode well if you’re seeking to prosper economically by doing business or working.

Almost all of those cities are in the north, which is well known to be controlled by the drug cartels. That's where the border is, so the cartels want control in order to maintain supply.


Apr 6, 2018
Or you can stand up and say NO to your leaders. Do not complain to internet strangers, say NO to your leaders DIRECTLY then come back and tell others to do the same. When that fails then leave.

People have forgotten how to say NO and instead complain on forums and Facebook then plan to leave the country before saying NO.
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