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Metabolic Rate of Seeds



Ray Peat said:
(R. Criddle and L. Hansen, in Plant, Cell, and Environment, report that a plant's metabolic rate, measured as heat production, can predict its future growth rate. Jerry Barnes, a tree developer in Cottage Grove, Oregon, discovered several years ago that the intensity of the metabolic activity even in seeds can be used to accurately predict the future performance of the tree, cutting many years out of the process of tree improvement . The story of how his work was received at the state university is interesting; he did some quick lab tests on seed provided by the university, and they confirmed that he had correctly chosen the seeds which produced the best trees in their 13 year study, but they simply rejected his result as not conforming to accepted ideas.)

Source: Youth, Energy, and Regeneration, from Generative Energy: Restoring the Wholeness of Life

Very cool information to be placed within parentheses.

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