Men’s Experiences With 5-10 Mgs (low Dose)progesterone

Nov 18, 2018
I envy you!
I don't get anything to improve my sleep. I just tried Clonazepam and it works great, but I know it is addictive and won't take it.
I have used Progestelle on my chest and will try on the arms.

My night rumminations are powerful, peak oil, the worlds destruction by technology and commodity culture, the empty shallowness of modern values.
Try 2 kiwis before bed or Haagen das vanilla ice cream. Those are my favorites!


Jun 12, 2019
I used Progesterone as part of protocol to raise T levels. It is supposed to help with preventing conversion of excess T to Estrogen. I started with 1 12mg pump a day on either back of knees, ankles, clavicle, back of neck for 120 days. Then dropped down to 1/2 dose after that, with a hormone holiday on the weekends. Been doing that for 6 months. I feel great. It's relaxing, it removes water, removes pain and inflammation. Definitely see less water weight and no man boobs. At higher doses it has a slight anesthesia effect, like totally feeling no pains. I was taking it with Pregnenolone (converts to Progesterone) which I titrated up (40mg at one point) on and my penis got a bit numb, shrink... that's when you know you had too much. I stopped for a few days and everything down town was normal again.

I stopped taking progesterone two weeks ago as I am trying another protocol with Gonadin and wanted solely see how that will work.

Progesterone is a thumbs up in my book.

Jake sullivan

Oct 3, 2016
i use Dr Peats Progest E and to be honest i can understand where some people are coming from in some cases noting the drop in libido,

for me it has done both, the drop in libido i find tends to occur more during times i'm stressed, overall progesterone gives me this amazing sense of calm, steadyness and power, like being assertive and confident in any challenge or situation while being very calm at the same time,

if i had to describe the alpha male stereotype, it really makes me feel like im on top of my game, I don't know if this relates or not but i noticed since taking it women tend to stare at me a lot more and be more confrontational with me like getting really close to me during conversations, wheather all of that is good or bad, that stuff happened before but i noticed when i started taking progesterone it felt like they could sense my progesterone ahahahahha im just joking but who knows with pheromones etc, it is said by nature certain people are drawn or attracted to people based on their hormonal profile, not sure how much truth is in all of that,

but essentially progesterone is amazing, great sleeps just feel so calm and collected, like certain stressful social situations dont make me anxious as much as they used to, i feel like im not as held back to speak my mind to people i dislike or things i have a problem with, its like it feels like my angry is different on progesterone then not, feels like i can keep my edge so much better in social situations and life,

naturally just feel more confident, more immune to feelings of defeat, and overall bliss almost like at times euphoric, feels like im being sedated at times, i noticed it would make me extremely tired and drowsy and sleep really good and i think this is because when you take progesterone, it starts shutting off the stress hormones so if your always running on cortisol naturally if something turns that off you would tend to feel tired i think, some of the steroids have that drowsy effects due to their somewhat sedative nature in opposing the stress hormones from what i understand,

one example was last night this guy was just being a **** and really pissing me off just being super condescending getting under my skin etc, i didnt react to him, but internally i was spazzing out fuming angry could not calm down whatsoever just a full on invasion of cortisol serotonin and estrogen ahaha, anyways took a bit of progesterone, and i just felt it really calmed me down breathing went back to normal, temperature went up, didn't feel as angry anymore,

those are some of my experiences @Cameron , i'm still taking it right now let me know if you have other questions, i don't think it's a bad idea for men to take progesterone without androgens, at least depends on the situation, as Peat would likely agree if you are under extreme or mild stress, what's going to be more negative and androgen killing, the stress ? or the progesterone ? i'm going to say the stress, so i think it's fine to use i just wouldn't go bananas with it unless i felt like it was needed.

Dave Clark

Jun 2, 2017
Why not try IdeaLab's 6KetoP4, since it is basically progesterone without the anti-androgen issues?


Sep 27, 2018
Just fantastic. I take it daily with maybe 5mg or so of DHEA, topically, and vitamin K2 MK4.

I bring it with me on trips and hiking and so forth.

It is the best thing if you have a bug bite or pain somewhere.

Okay — so when I started this journey it made my penis numb. I think that we have to flush estrogen from our tissues with it first.

Now it just increases everything — libido, but in a smooth and good way not a horny uncomfortable way. And just evens things out. It is really my most important supplement next to K2 MK4.

Hey, are you still using the progesterone daily and do you still think the same about it?


Sep 27, 2018
about 10mg daily sometimes much more. In the belly button or topically if something is hurting. It’s amazing.

Nice, thanks for the quick response. I got a progesterone spray in the mail today, 6mg per pump. Going to try 1 pump topically prior to sleep.

Do you notice a muscle relaxant effect when you apply it topically? I have a herniated disc and the muscles around it are always tense, I thought it might help applying it there.


May 21, 2018
Indeed what has been said it lowers androgens in higher dosages, a little DHEA can help a bit with that, but going too high will cause it anyway. I seem to also get varicose veins/spider veins from it and a friend of mine also. It is really strange because it should help for that according to peat. I can't figure out why so I stopped taking it.
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