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MelaNon - Liquid Apigenin/Naringenin Mix

  1. Ray has written about several natural compounds that may be helpful for supporting optimal skin health in areas that have moles, spots, blemishes, etc. The natural compounds naringenin and apigenin are the ones most extensively researched for that purpose, but caffeine is also a very beneficial one and already used as part of the SolBan supplement. In addition to supporting skin health, caffeine also helps increase the absorption of both naringenin and apigenin, and that is another reason for its presence in MelaNon.
    The topical doses used in most studies correspond to about 2mg for a human and that applies for both naringenin and apigenin.

    Note: This product contains raw material(s) meant for external use only, in cosmetic or other formulations designed for such external use.

    MelaNon is dietary supplement for skin health. It contains the citrus flavonoid naringenin as well as the flavone apigenin most commonly found in chamomile. MelaNon also contains caffeine for improved estrogen control and skin health. All of the ingredients have been extensively studies for health purposes, but most of the research on naringenin / apigenin focuses on their anti-neoplastic effects, and especially their effects on skin formations such as moles of various types. This product, while consisting entirely of food-grade ingredients, is sanctioned for external use only.

    Servings per container: about 30
    Serving size: 8 drops
    Each serving (8 drops) contains the following ingredients:

    Apigenin - 3mg
    Naringenin - 3mg

    Other ingredients: add product to shopping cart to see info
    http://www.functionalps.com/blog/2013/1 ... aringenin/
    "...Orange juice contains naringenin which is effective against melanoma, and guavas contain apigenin, also effective. A diet consisting of milk, orange juice, guavas, cheese, and some eggs, liver, and oysters, with aspirin would be protective against the spread of the tumor.”

    http://raypeat.com/articles/articles/th ... trix.shtml
    "...Substances that inhibit inflammation are likely to also inhibit excessive collagen synthesis, serotonin secretion, and the formation of estrogen. Besides aspirin, some effective substances are apigenin and naringenin, found in oranges and guavas. These flavonoids also inhibit the formation of nitric oxide and prostaglandins, which are important for inflammation and carcinogenesis (Liang, et al., 1999). Increased CO2, which has a variety of anti-inflammatory effects, can decrease collagen formation and tissue collagen content significantly (Ryu, et al., 2010)."

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  2. Thanks for this Haidut!

    Presumably this would be one to use directly on a mole rather than the 'tease the mole' technique with DHEA that Peat has spoken about?

    A friend has psoriasis - might it be useful in combination with estroban?
  3. Yes, this is intended for use directly on the mole as described in the individual studies. Since both naringenin and apigenin were found to be inhibitors of estrogen, nitric oxide (NO), 5-lipoxygenase (LOX) and COX and so on this supplement should synergize greatly with both EstroBan and SolBan.
    Just my 2c.
  4. Glad this is out, Haidut, I'll try some and report back.

    Along the lines of hmac's question, do you think it'd be beneficial to also surround the mole with Pansterone (or any other DHEA)?
  5. Probably yes, but I think mixing it with EstroBan and rubbing it directly on the mole may be more effective. Vitamin A and K are really good at controlling mole growth when applied directly. The Pansterone I would actually use orally as it has systemic effects as well. I had a mole fall off from 5mg oral DHEA taken for a week, while topically it was not very effective.
  6. Ordered.

    It is so fun and exciting to experiment with all the great ideas on this forum. Is there a Mad Scientist smilie?
  7. I guess the closest would be the "uber geek" even though it does not quite convey the same idea.
  8. Ha, I've been on the fence about naringenin for a while and wasn't 100% if Ray thought it was estrogenic or not (I was thinking that Ray said it was one of the compounds in grapefruit that he didn't like). Bulk supplements on Amazon sells them in caps. I remember reading that body builders took it to increase caffeine absorption. Ironically you say it's the other way around! I didn't know it was good for skin health either. Thanks again. I look forward to reading the studies.

    Could this be good for small subcutaneous cysts?
  9. Caffeine absorption is basically 100% no matter if you do oral or topical. Not sure if even DMSO can improve that absorption...
    It's naringenin that can use some enhancement, especially in a topical form.
  10. Whoops, looks like I edited my comment too slow. Could this be good for small subcutaneous cysts you think?
  11. thank you, Haidut. do you think this product would have any benefit to broken capillaries or spider vein type issues? I've heard talk of the flavanoids having some benefit to these skin-related aging signs primarily via Linus Pauling. I'm interested in ordering for the already stated uses, too.
  12. Would this product work for skin tags as well?
  13. I've started using this product today. I'm taking before and after pictures and I'm using it on a variety of places. One is a scar where I scraped the skin off my knee when I fell on ice last winter. Another is a surgery scar. Also a red spot.

    Finally, I want to try it all over my face to see if it helps with any discoloration or has a brightening effect. I used one drop and patted it all over.

    Haidut, do you think it's fine to use it over such a large area and 2) is once or twice per day best?
  14. Caffeine has been shown to work on cysts, so maybe.
  15. All of the compounds in the product are anti-angiogenic, so quite possible. Spider veins are usually from too much estrogen so a systemic anti-estrogen like oral vitamin E or aspirin would probably be better. But the topical application probably won't hurt either.
  16. Not that I am aware of, but it is possible. Skin tags, just like spider veins, are sing of high estrogen. So, lowering estrogen systemically with oral vitamin E, aspirin, progesterone, caffeine, etc may be better for that purpose.
  17. I think it is fine to use over large area but you may need higher dose. The studies showed that applying a human equivalent dose of 2mg to an area of 1/4 square inch was effective for moles. I don't know how much would be necessary for larger areas but it could be more than 2mg spread all over it.
  18. cool, there are many pathways for estrogen to be elevated...if that's, as you say, even the cause. for example, i have found that they are diminishing by taking vitamin C recently.
  19. Spider veins in particular are most likely caused by estrone (E1) and are related to poor liver function and detoxification of estrone. One example that there is no such thing as benign estrogen and the attempt to steer estrogen towards "benign" metabolites by taking things like I3C is at best misguided.
  20. ok....i don't know what 13C is...
    the point i was making is that, if estrogen detoxification is the cause, there are many pathways by which one can heal the problem. the answer to lowering estrogen is not always Vitamin E/Aspirin/caffeine/etc or you have a blanket liver issue. i could post a number of studies here showing how vitamin C interacts with the liver, but i also don't think vitamin C is the answer for everyone. In my case, it makes sense though....because i'm a smoker, and have therefore possibly been vitamin C deficient. for some reason it is diminishing the capillary issue. will use your product as well and let you know.
  21. I3C is indole-3-carbnol, and is very popular right now for steering estrogen metabolism away from estradiol. If you could post a study showing vitamin C has beneficial effect on estrone and its effect on liver it would be great.
    "...The dilation, in turn, is caused by increased estrogen levels in the blood. Many pregnant women, or women using hormonal contraception, have spider angiomas, due to high estrogen levels in their blood. Individuals with significant hepatic disease also show many spider angiomas, as their liver cannot metabolize circulating estrogens, specifically estrone, which derives from the androgen androstenedione.[3] About 33% of patients with cirrhosis have spider angiomas.[5] As such, microhemorrhages may be observed as spider angiomas."
  22. if there were a study showing vitamin c having beneficial effects on estrone and its effect on the liver, i agree that would be great. But that's not what i said could easily be found. If someone only perceives through the lense of scientific study, there will be so much valuable information missed....and to search for direct causes and effects is not in line with the way the body works. People do not develop conditions through simplistic cause and effect events. I would assume you understand this, but i honestly can't tell from your two replies. Take, for example, the necessity for vitamin C in the synthesis of steroid hormones. Pregnenolone plays an important role in immune function. Angiogenesis is popularly associated with aging and low immune function. There are certainly studies showing the necessity of Vitamin C in liver processes and even a study showing a relationship between vitamin C deficiency and elevated hepatic lipds/oxidative stress....as well as a study showing a combo of Vitamin E and C being an effective treatment for fatty liver disease. smoking is seen as a "cause" of spider angiomas popularly. but what primary vitamin are all smokers depleted of? sun exposure is seen as another "cause" of spider angiomas. but what vitamin is so crucial for reducing sun damage? Of course i am not alluding to these studies (in whatever quality) merely to make a point that Vitamin C needs to be in the Peatarian arsenal against fatty liver disease or part of an anti-aging protocol (even though it popularly is in the mainstream)....i am simply making the point that elevated estrogen in the body has more causes than can be listed here....more pathways....it's more like a domino effect. the natural route is to say it's a liver issue....but then why the liver issue? vitamin E deficiency? nobody's ever heard of that. elevated estrogen could be because someone is on a low protein diet and their liver cannot repair. or it could be related to all sorts of nutrient deficiencies. I have already heavily researched spider angiomas and it revealed absolutely nothing to me regarding what causes them.
  23. All I am saying is that estrone seems to be causative for spider angiomas and the clinicians that I have talked to sometimes treat it with fulvestrant (an estrogen antagonist). Primary cause of liver dysfunction is PUFA, endogenous estrogen, and of course environmental estrogens. Protein deficiency plays a role but for most people it is minor since cortisol will rise adaptively to provide the liver with amino acids. Saturated fat and large doses vitamin E can reverse even advanced cirrhosis. Without PUFA, a human cannot develop liver disease, not even hepatitis. Assuming high estrogen is both a result and cause of liver dysfunction, opposing it in any way is often very helpful. The role estrogen in both venous and hepatic disorders is acknowledged by most endocrinologists, so that's why I posted the link from Wikipedia - to emphasize that the role of estrone in liver disease and spider veins is more than just a study, it's the current consensus among most endocrinologists (at least in the USA). Of course, just because it is a consensus does not make it true but the evidence for it is strong.
    I think we are hijacking the thread with this discussion. It's OK to disagree, but let's take it to another thread.
  24. Haidut, just to clarify, would this be good for scar tissue? Also, in the description you say that the caffeine is combined with mixed tocopherols, but I don't see that in the ingredient list. Vitamin E I would guess would be good in this combination to lower estrogen even more.

    btw, in relation to the conversation you were just having, I believe much of the notorious "belly fat" is comprised of estrone (E1), which has been considered an estrodiol (E2) precursor.
  25. It is possible that it would work for scars since there are some studies with caffeine effect on scar tissue. Apigenin also has some data for helping reduce collagen buildup as a result of healing a skin lesion.
    The product initially had some tocopherol but it was making it very sticky and could even clog the bottle. So, instead I went with the tried formula DMSO + ethanol, and now it is a pure liquid of orange-brownish color that absorbs into the skin almost immediately. No bottle clogging either.
    On the estrone - thanks for bringing this up. Estrone sulfate (E1S) is one of the best blood tests to get for determining estrogenic activity in the organism.. Just like DHEA-S is used to gauge DHEA and overall anabolic activity. I'd say E1S, prolactin, and CO2 are the 3 biomarkers that give the most information for the least amount of money in regards to overall health.
  26. When I was writing that, I was just thinking that E1 test may be the best test for tissue bound estrogen, but I'd never heard of anyone doing so for this particular reason. My serum CO2 has gone down by a few points since Peating from Paleo a couple years ago and my energy and health has gone up. It's odd, so I don't trust those results. I want to get a capnometer to see if that would be more accurate.

    I plan to test this supp in a few areas: On a small subcutaneous cyst on my right shoulder, a couple moles here and there, and a small scar under my eye I got in wartime. All are located on different skin tissue so it'll be interesting how it all comes out. I can always add E and K seperately as needed and I actually appreciate it not having E in it if it's easier to use.

    These flavanoids, if they can reduce collagen buildup as shown, combined with the anti-inflammatory DMSO, sound like this supp could potentially be good for someone with arthritis in certain joints.
  27. observations so far after only 2 days: significant skin tightening (not something i was necessarily looking for). could be useful for wrinkles?
  28. A known "side effect" of anti-estrogenic substances:): Progesterone and DHT have a very well known skin anti-aging effect and both of them oppose estrogen, especially in the skin.
    So, yes, I guess it could be useful for wrinkles and it would synergize well with SolBan as it also has some solid research behind it for skin aging.
  29. "It is well known that many flavonoids provide protection from telangiectasias and petechias caused by ruptured blood vessels. Thus, the notion of a "strengthening" effect of these compounds on blood vessel walls is common.": http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/18691514

    "The best known pharmacological activity of this molecule is the reduction of permeability and capillary fragility.
    In the 1940s and 1950s, rutin was widely described for this activity. At the time, rutin, which belonged to the "vitamin P" family, the P referring to the idea of Permeability, grouped together the actives capable of increasing the resistance and modulating the permeability of the capillaries. Today, the term "Vitamin P" has disappeared, to be replaced by bioflavonoid.": http://www.etatpur.co.uk/index.php/rutin-sheet

    oral silica also seems to be a preventative or cosmetic measure in telangiectasias, but i can't find the studies. deeper issues are obviously at play in capillary problems.
  30. i like to use the melanon at night before bed, but was wondering if using it during the day would be harmed by sunlight.
  31. There has been discussion on the forum about concerns over silica and intestinal persorption. If you type 'silica persorption' in the search box you can read all about it and decide for yourself if silica is right for you.
  32. ok, thank you.
  33. Haidut, do you think this formulation would work to lighten melasma? I have a patch on my upper lip. I'm a woman, and so looking like I have a moustache, even when it's November, is not really what I'm going for. I'm guessing that it would be.
  34. Why would it be harmed by sunlight?
  35. My other supplement, SolBan, has a lot more research on melasma given that it contains a high concentration of niacinamide. Go to that thread and look at the studies under the "Niacinamide" section.
    MelaNon may help, but it would probably be the caffeine in it that has the most effect.
  36. well, i was reading about vitamin K (and, of course, PUFA) being damaged by light. So was wondering about the tocopherols....if they can oxidize in light (or oxidize on skin in sunlight)
  37. I don't think tocopherol is subject to destruction by sunlight the same way as riboflavin or vitamin K are.
    http://lpi.oregonstate.edu/mic/micronut ... protection
  38. for those who have asked or are considering using over a large portion of skin: i tried this all over my face for 4 days (like 3-4 drops at night and washed off in AM)....just as a curious experiment for capillary issues in the meantime of working on the root problem. The first 2 days were fine. It really has a dramatic and very fast alteration of skin quality - like very radiant, smaller pores, definite tightening, more even skin tone, etc. However, by the 3rd or 4th day i started noticing sensitivity and stinging and i stopped when i had a day where i was flushing constantly. It tightened my skin so much that it almost hurt to smile (not making this up). The issue resolved a day after stopping. And i can still see the general skin benefits 2 days later not even using it (though now i can smile comfortably). So i will try it again for a single day and isolate if there's in fact any inflammation from using it for my purpose....and if not, will likely use it on face with larger intervals in between. no seriously, this could actually be used as a botox alternative. : I
  39. Thanks for the feedback. I noticed a wrinkle removing effect on my forehead where I applied to a small cut to see if it would heal better and without a scar. The scar did not form either, which is also a good result.
  40. And at the same time both of them inhibit aromatase...
  41. I just started using mine tonight. After applying to a scar under my eye I decided to read this thread again. If this study is correct, then this supplement could have benefits for people with darkness under their eyes since the darkness is from capillary blood accumulation. I guess I'll find out soon since I'm putting it there anyway.

    I've put this on a small scar under my eye, a mole on neck and left bicep that I've had my entire life, and on a small subcutaneous cyst on my right shoulder. Taking before an after pix. Of note, the bottle says 8 drops per dose, but it seems silly to put more than a drop any of these small areas. Will this effect results, Haidut, or should I actually try to rub in 8 whole drops? It just seems excessive. Any other tips on dosing for problem areas with this product?

    Otherwise, on all of the areas there is a slight burning sensation and the infamous strong garlicy smell. After an hour, I can already feel a little bit of the "tightening" that you described. I think I may try putting some around my face as well to see if it effects any of my creases, wrinkles, or whatever they're called.
  42. Thanks for reporting this and doing the experiment. I think 1-2 drops is plenty. I listed 8 drops b/c at this usage the bottle will last about a month. The 2mg per mole dose was used for treating skin cancer and the solution was used to irrigate both the mole and an area around it 1in in diameter. So I suspect for more benign issues even a single drop would be enough.
    The garlicky smell is from the DMSO, as expected.
  43. strange, i've never smelled garlic...but i have smelled kind of a wood-tar smell. there's DMSO in melanon?
  44. Yes, DMSO and ethanol are used as solvents.

  45. Peata,

    What are your overall impressions from using the MelaNon? Any improvement in scarrings? I'm interested in giving it a try.

  46. I didn't use it on my face for long because of a couple reasons - it felt tight, and also because of the dmso I was afraid of layering products on top because they might get pulled into the blood stream.

    So for the last few weeks I've been using it on the scraped knee, the surgery scar, the red spot, and one other small "cyst" that formed around my clavicle a while back. The cyst is almost gone but it was probably going to heal up anyway. The other places have not disappeared yet.
  47. yes, i don't feel this product is designed for use over a large area. but i could be wrong. the stickiness doesn't seem a good idea for extended periods of time.
  48. Thanks for that, Peata. :)
  49. NathanK:

    Can you give an update on your use of MelaNon for your skin problems? Any improvements?
  50. I actually stopped the day after starting. I'll continue again and update when I do. It's just been so cold that I haven't been able to go shirtless for very long and I was afraid that might skew the results :)
  51. Great, thanks for responding. And stay warm! :cool:
  52. Just placed an order. When can I expect it to arrive?

    sry am new here
  53. Its usually pretty quick. Haidut provided me with tracking too. Probably 2-3 days, but it obviously depends where you are.
  54. We usually ship order the next business day after they were placed. So, your order will probably ship tomorrow morning.
  55. I've been using MelaNon for two weeks on some moles and two keratosis spots. The moles seem to be shrinking gradually and the outer layers are peeling away but there has been no bleeding just sloughing off of the surface. The keratosis areas are fading and I'd estimate them at about 50% gone. I'm not sure if MelaNon is supposed to work on keratosis but since it's helping mine I wanted to mention it here. Thanks for the helpful product haidut.
  56. Thanks Blossom! Glad things are getting better. I found out about the keratosis effects after I released the supplement. It seems to be related to the anti-estrogenic effects of apigenin.
  57. Good to know. The mole I've been measuring is reduced from 4 millimeters to 3. I just measured two sides, even though it's round, not knowing a better way to track the size. I had planned on using vitamin k on it last year but always had more important uses for my k so I never got around to it. I have a before picture so once it gets to a point where the is a noticeable difference (or it is gone!) I will post before and after photos.
  58. Please do post pics. I think a lot of people want to see before/after pics whenever somebody on the forum has had success with a Peat-friendly supplement.
  59. Will do! :cool:
  60. So has this solution worked for anyone in removing moles or brown spots yet? I have some I need to get rid of.
  61. Are people using this combined with Solban? I have a little growth on my nose and I don't know how to classify it (it's not a mole or a brown spot) and am trying to decide if I should try MelaNon, Solban, or use a combination of the two?
    The spot looks like a tiny pimple but I can't see a black or white center; it's been growing slowly for maybe 5 months.
  62. If I were to start over, I would have used Solban with Melanon, alternating, from the beginning. I've been using Melanon with maybe a little result on the skinned knee scar after 7 weeks, but since I added Solban one week ago, it appears the results are coming a little faster.
  63. Thanks Peata. Why is it necessary to alternate? or rather, do you do one each day, or can you do one in the morning and another at night?
  64. I use them in the same day. Such as Solban in the a.m. and Melanon at night.
  65. Confused about this.

    This will remove moles, and brown spots, and skin discolouration ?

    Surely solban would be as effective ?
  66. Both can be used since they have different mechanisms of action. As discussed earlier in the thread, I would use SolBan in the morning and MelaNon at night.
  67. I have been using melanon daily on a weird brown spot thing on my upper chest. It is getting lighter and smaller but it is not gone yet. I took pic at beginning. When it is gone completely, I will post pics and dates.
  68. How long have you been using it?
  69. I bought it as soon as he released it, so looking at the first post that would have been about Mid November when I received the bottle. It seems to be just a slow process on this particular spot of shrinkage and lightening. It is not drying up and falling off. And this spot isn't a traditional "mole". It was just a dark and weird bump. Hard to describe because it doesn't look like anything else on my body. That is why I wanted it gone. Once, sometimes twice a day. One drop.
  70. Haidut, MelaNon is amazing. I have used it on 2 sebaceous hyperplasia spots (tiny flesh coloured bumps similar to milia) on my forehead and cheek. Ray talks about those in the rosacea article, they are related somehow to rosacea.

    Anyway, nothing I ever did had any effect whatsoever and I was told by dermatologists nothing could be done. Some told me it was from oily skin but I don't really have oily skin, I have normal skin.

    Anyway... MelaNon obliterated these problems within a few applications. I am shocked. It also works overnight on pimples.

    I will be trying it on moles next, and getting a bottle for my mom to try on persistent skin tags.

    Thank you for the incredible product!!!
  71. This is simply awesome! :-D Thank you so much for sharing!
  72. is it supposed to be almost unbearably itchy when applied to a mole? or does this mean I'm allergic to something in it?
  73. "Title-ified" references:



  74. I'm finding using it straight to be itchy, but adding a couple of drops of water on the spot before adding the melanon prevents the itchiness.
  75. I just came to recheck this thread because I thought I hadn't read any reports of such and wondered if I was the only one. I've been applying Melanon to moles and spots for about a week now and noticed itchiness only on some of the places I've applied it. My best guess was that it's akin to the itch I get on wounds as they are healing and that the spots where it didn't itch are relatively damage free. The spots that itched the most have been itching less and perhaps that supports the idea.
  76. so it subsides? I've just tried applying it again. it made the area red accompanied by a fairly strong burning sensation. I'm not sure if this is normal
  77. It's DMSO that causes the itchiness but like others mentioned adding a bit of water or even more ethanol/vodka to dilute it should eliminate that issue. Allergic reactions tend to come with a rash so unless you had that it is probably just the DMSO.
  78. After a bit of reading that sounds correct. I hadn't thought of that since I've used DMSO topically for some months in various homemade concoctions and mostly haven't noticed itchiness. Would you let us know what concentration of DMSO is in Melanon?

    It has seemed to lessen for me. If remains almost unbearable for you, it's probably a good idea to try the dilution as tara and haidut have suggested.
  79. It's 75% DMSO.
  80. @haidut, if I'm using 8 drops of MelaNon on and around a mole (1" diameter area) with about 4 drops of EstroBan mixed in, would it be advisable to apply this just once a day, or should I do this 2 or 3 or more times a day? And are these dosages about right? Thanks!
  81. The animal studies used the human equivalent of 2mg-3mg daily. So, one dose should be enough. I don't know what dose of EstroBan would be optimal as I don't think this has been studies much as a combination of all 4 vitamins. I have seen studies on using 50 IU vitamin E and 1,000 IU vitamin A daily so one dose of EstroBan should give you that.
  82. Ok great. Thank you!
  83. 1) Why not add niacinamide ? That removes skin browning too.

    2) I used solban very well to reduce skin browning on my face. I am not sure I would switch to Melanon . I'm not convinced.
  84. I think they can be synergistic. I have not advocated using one instead of the other. In fact, the people who order one usually order the other as well.
  85. Is it supposed to be painful? It's quite stingy on my skin for a couple of minutes after applying it. Like, noticably painful. It's not DMSO, the other DMSO supplements don't cause this for me.
  86. First time I hear this, but thanks for sharing. The stinging has been reported by other from other DMSO supplements. There is nothing in else in MelaNon except the active ingredients, ethanol and DMSO. Can you try spreading over a larger area to see if this diminishes the side stinging?
  87. I had a punctured vein after I gave sample for blood test. The area around the wound turned blue, I applied MelaNon couple of times and it worked like charm :)
    I had same sort of injury last year and it took almost a month to heal. Thank you Haidut, for making such wonderful supplements.
  88. Perfect! This is just great! How many drops and how many times daily, if you don't mind me asking?
  89. 2 drops twice per day.
  90. Great, thanks for sharing.
  91. I was intending to use the product in my face, and I'm spreading it out as far as the drops will go. Actually the stinging sensation is pretty much the same as the one I get from oranges, peeling and eating an orange would often give me red irritated skin, tongue, and stomach burning pains. I used to think it was the pesticides or maybe the oranges being very acidic from being unripe, but maybe it's something else. Does the narginin in melanon come from oranges?
  92. Yep. This. I've tried larger areas and diluting it will water. Stings a lot. I can't use it, it stings too much and leaves a big red mark for an hour or so.
  93. The naringenin is synthetic, so it should not have any orange leftovers in it. But we are about to switch to using an odor-free DMSO for supplements like MelaNon and we've been told that the odor-free version also has a lot less of a stinging effect than regular DMSO.
  94. As I mentioned in my post to @thegiantess we are about to switch to using a different type of DMSO that should reduce/eliminate the stinging issues. I will test it on myself first and report here.
  95. Awesome. Thanks! I thought maybe I was just a wimp... Glad to know that's not the case.