Medical cancer cult


Nov 23, 2013
Yesterday there was a snippet on the radio about breast cancer. The basic gist of the sound bite was a 16 year medical research study showing that the removal of one or both ovaries by the age of 35 prevents breast cancer in women with the BRCA genes. It's quite ironic that the same day I had read RP's article on Carbon monoxide, estrogen and the medical cancer cult. In medicine it seems we are still in the dark ages when it comes to health and healing especially with cancer and hormones. It's still the same old slash and burn ideology. The last thing we need is people living in fear of their own bodies turning on them. There's nothing about our environment that is ever considered. All the while new(old) propaganda is being pumped out daily and blared over the airways by the media acting on behalf of the medical and governmental powers. I really hate to see people being led to believe that there is something intrinsically wrong with their bodies. It's a personal choice that a woman makes but getting all the science before submitting to such an invasive procedure should not be as difficult as it is currently. To me it still all comes down to optimal cellular respiration restoring health. Our flawed view of the most fundamental unit of life must be revised if medicine is ever going to be truly effective. I had an ovary removed at 36 because there seemed to be no other option at the time. It changed me and I feel contributed to more health problems and I would not do it again knowing what I know now. The last thing humanity needs is continued assaults from a medical cancer cult. RP was so right in calling them 'the medical cancer cult' because they continue to harm and brainwash people just to make money.


Jan 1, 2013
There have been a certain number of alternative ways to prevent cancer ( apart from the obvious dietary and behaviour advices like not drinking, not eating packaged foods, no aspartame, MSG, etc):

- apricot pits daily maintenance doses
- vit c, niacin, niacinamide supplementation
- oleander soup
- green tea, ESSIAC tea,
- ( maybe cannabis as Rick Simpson oil)

A french mavericvk doctor, Andre Gernez, had devised in the seventies a way of easily eradicating early cancer cells while their number was low and thus much easier to kill. It was tested by the official french scientific establishment on rats, and it yielded 90% prevention over normal cance rates.
The results were so dramatic, the powers refused to publicise the results by fear of overpopûlating the nursing homes.
Gernez still publicised his prevention method, and told the whole story to a french Journalist, who edited a 4 hours documentary on the subject ( "Le scandale du siècle")

I don't think the medical industry will ever backtrack on the cancer business; that would equal to admitting genocide on their part.


Nov 26, 2012
I'm with you on this one, burtlancast.
Gernez did a wonderful work and he was one of the few to outlined the importance of the human growth hormone on the genesis of cancer.
His works are worth reading but sadly not very well known....
Ray also pointed out the negative influence of the human growth hormone on health.


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Nov 23, 2013
This week I met a nice lady who is going through medical treatments for lung cancer. She informed me that after three weeks of treatment she will have a chest x-ray to determine if the tumor is shrinking. This process will continue until the physician determines a change in the treatment plan is warranted. I couldn't help but wonder, toxicity of the cancer treatment itself aside, if a MRI might not be a more appropriate imaging study to evaluate her tumor. I'm sure the expense of an MRI would cut into someone's bonus or bottom line profit. It does seem very disturbing from a Peat perspective that an x-ray would even be considered as appropriate. That's were we truly are in medicine. It's just an image of doing something to help when it's actually adding insult to injury at every turn. :cry:


Oct 18, 2013
I have a nagging suspicion that one of the things that has damaged cancer research is the fervent belief in genetic determinism. To many individuals people who have cancer were just "destined" to have cancer because of their genetics. Even though research shows there are various insults to a biological system(radiation, heavy metals, pufa) it still does not override the widely held notion that it's all those damn genes that are causing it, and not external factors.

For things to change to the better in medicine, these deterministic systems need to die out.


The Law & Order Admin
Jan 4, 2012
Blossom said:
That's were we truly are in medicine. It's just an image of doing something to help when it's actually adding insult to injury at every turn. :cry:
burtlancasts signature comes to mind. :|
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