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Meat and sugar ratio.

  1. Lately I have been eating more meat with gelatin.
    I enjoy eating about 3 ounces of gf beef with an espresso mixed with sugar, gelatin, and butter.
    (I also take calcium glucarate or oyster shell powder with it.)
    I estimate I am getting 20-25 grams of protein.
    If the the ratio is 1:4 (protein/sugar)
    then I should consume 80-100 grams of sugar which means 8-10 tablespoons?
    Is that right?
  2. I usually do a couple tablespoons with a steak, more after some time when I start to feel dizzy. The protein is already bringing much insulin, so unless you can get some potassium in with that sugar I would never go so high with it. Many strong headaches would ensue.
  3. Hmm interesting about the potassium. Orange juice and milk are the biggest sources of potassium in my diet right now and I don't like to have either of them with my meat meals.

    Lately I have been putting 6 tablespoons of sugar in my coffee drink with my meat meals and have been noticing better digestion and more energy.
  4. Don't let me stop you if it feels fine! I also notice I can eat more sugar with coffee. Sometimes I try chocolate for potassium but OJ is hard to replace.
  5. Chocolate and meat? That actually sounds good. I might have to try that.
  6. I read it's even better than coffee for binding iron, up to ninety percent. A little hard on my tummy though.