Matt Stone On Peat


Nov 19, 2015
Cairns, Australia
That's interesting. How do you explain these kind of extreme transformations?

So basically once a person has been fat or almost obese they will still secrete a lot of leptin/cortisol/estrogen/inflammation from their fat cells even if they appear slimmer?
What about liposucion, what would be the bad effects? Woudn't it be therapeutic?

First, the transformation is extreme, the end goal isn't. His body fat percentage is still what most people would call 15-18%, which is normative by healthy human standards. The full muscle bellies and good insertions help with giving the illusion that he is leaner, but no, he is still beyond the level by which any starvation alarm bells would be ringing in an individual who has never been obese.

I do not know how difficult it is for this particular person to maintain their reduced body weight, nor how well their lifestyle is structured to maintain that reduced weight. Just because your body is sending starvation signals, doesn't mean that the person needs to succumb to them. Extra-Satiety strategies, extra exercise, or just plain willpower, will be employed to prevent further weight gain. People forcibly manipulate their body composition all the time, many have this neurosis for life ......

Again, in a person who has never been obese, this is never a problem. They just eat, and "just know that I'm full now". Those sorts of hunger signals

SIDENOTE: another example that I like to bring up is ItsTheWooo -- *The Scribble Pad*: Natural weight regulation, and why LC diets work (an illustration) , who was obese as hell, with a Leptin deficiency, and now maintains what is definitely a slim figure on a ketogenic diet (like actually ketogenic, not just some "low carb but high meat" nonsense). She is doing this via controlling insulin mechanics and supplying enough FFA for ATP production. This is one way to go about fixing the post-obesity problem.​

Second, fat cells do not secrete "inflammation". Thinking that anything like Leptin, cortisol, or estrogen are inflammatory, is too simplistic. These things are there to keep you alive, and signal everything from growth to danger. A deficiency signals that bad things are happening. Cortisol is a life-giver at healthy doses and rhythms, skinny dieted down athletes are more likely lacking estrogen, and leptin is undetectable in their bloodstream. Everything is a balance, and adipose tissue is an intelligent mediator, appraiser, and communicator of that balance.

Next, liposuction is going to lead to more imbalances. Note that it only can be done on subcutaneous fat. So you take an obese person, take away some of their subcutaneous fat from some specific region, but then leave all the still-signalling like hell visceral fat and all the other subcutaneous fat around. Body is confused-AF, takes awhile to adapt to new conditions, usually ends up storing fat in stupid places if diet is not kept in check. eg: very possible for disproportionate increase in visceral fat (both in males and females) after liposuction and subsequent weight gain (because liposuction does not fix your lousy eating habits). Visceral fat is absolutely not good.



Sep 20, 2015
I checked out Stone's website a few years ago
and while I was intriqued
overall I felt he was a bit of a blowhard.
I'm talking mostly about style or tone:
he seemed a strong self-promoter
and someone who took greater interest
in making startling, iconoclastic, and entertaining claims
and calling a lot of things stupid,
than in calmly and reasonably advancing an argument.
Agree. I read one of his books and thought it was immaturely written, overall not 1/10 as credible as Peat.


Jan 6, 2015
Apparently he doest care about PUFAs,or even macros composition.

How pufa can be only a problem in older people?! Having it circulating in your system ,even if you don't accumulate it, even if you burn it, doest seem to be a good thing.

I can't understand him! Its like he follows no principals!
Dec 25, 2014
Apparently he doest care about PUFAs,or even macros composition.

How pufa can be only a problem in older people?! Having it circulating in your system ,even if you don't accumulate it, even if you burn it, doest seem to be a good thing.

I can't understand him! Its like he follows no principals!

I think he's trying to make a quick buck and a name from himself.

The homepage of his site looks like an ebook marketing scam.
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