Mastocytosis & Osteoporosis ,can Progesterone help?

Discussion in 'Female Issues' started by leoline, Dec 12, 2013.

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    Dec 12, 2013
    Hi you all,

    I’m a 51 old woman from Germany and new here. Please excuse my bad English, I don’t have much practice…
    With extremely high interest I read a lot of Ray Peat’s articles and now I have a question concerning my case. Since my early 30ies I have no menstruation. Ten years later I got the diagnosis of mastocytosis, which in the beginning only was an cutanaeus form but now has become a systemic mastocytosis. Additionally I am suffering from symptoms of menopause (hot flushes, extreme sweating etc.). Two weeks ago my doctor found out, that I have osteoporosis in my lumbar spine. As I read about progesterone, it is able to protect against osteoporosis, even can reverse the process of loosing bone mass, and eases the effects of menopause. I am wondering if I can profit from progesterone as well, especially referring to my mastocytosis. I found no information or articles that give any information about that. Additionally here in Germany there are only very few doctors, who practice BHRT. The common opinion of doctors is still to take estrogen in order to ease the symptoms of menopause and to prevent osteoporosis. But with mastocytosis I must not take estrogen because it is a trigger for histamine release from mast cells.

    Can progesterone help or can it harm me? What can I do in addition (supplements, vitamins etc.)?

    I’m looking forward to your answers, thanks in advance.
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    Feb 20, 2013
    Sorry to hear about your health problems.
    I think with serious health issues like these it is good to consult with
    your doctors or directly talk to Ray Peat. You can also talk to other
    practitioner experienced in hormonal problems.
    Any extra hormone can be a problem without right context.
    It takes some time to understand Ray Peat's writings but
    it is not that difficult. It is always safer to start with good nutritious diet.
    You can learn a lot from his articles and audio interviews .