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Marijuana Causing Mental Issues

  1. Since smoking marijuana, my brain has never been the same. I started smoking at the age of 17 on a weekly basis. Through age 18-19, I was smoking almost everyday, multiple times a day. In high school I was a good student, and great at math. I had a great sense of direction too. Slowly, I noticed my memory and overall cognitive ability were declining, so I decided to stop at age 19. My grades declined and I struggle with school work to this day. I am almost 25 years old now. I feel like my brain just doesn't make the same connections it used to. I can't put my finger on it, but something just isn't right. I can't grasp complex, abstract concepts like I used to. I am also not as creative as I once was. I've become duller as a result and struggle in social situations to make conversation.

    I haven't smoked since the age of 19, other than a couple occasions over the years. I obviously have no plans to ever smoke again. What I can I do to reverse this damage and restore my memory? I have tried pregnenolone and it hasn't really seemed to help. I understand there may be no exact answer, but what exactly happened? I know plenty of people who smoked more marijuana over a longer time period, and they certainly do not have these problems.
  2. Likewise. I was very intelligent as a teenager and even after leaving school I continued to spend leisure time reading physics non-fiction, learning new hobbies, etc. I loved to exercise my brain. About a year after school had finished I had a minor breakdown - not eating, not emerging from my room until everyone had gone to bed, drinking alone (18 is legal age here in Australia). I was sent to a psychiatrist and I spent about 5 years on heavy psychotropics for "bipolar disorder", consisting of lamotrigine, quetiapine, amisulpride, escitalopram, and lithium. Worst thing I have ever done, and I have never been the same since coming off them.

    Any kind of psychic challenge causes a rush of lethargy over my entire brain, an almost instant 'I give up' sensation. I feel stupid.

    I am interested to see if any others can come forth and if we can find some common ground on this problem.
  3. Hey friend.

    Yes, weed is nasty stuff. It's very hard on the psyche. I really hate the propaganda that says it's harmless.

    I'm in a similar boat. Smoked for years on end and now I'm drug-fcked to the point where I feel like I have dementia.

    I will be speaking to someone, and lose track of what I'm saying mid sentence. I also use the wrong words a lot. And I have trouble enunciating words as well. When I'm doing a task I tend to forget what I'm doing WHILE I'M DOING IT.

    It can be very hard for me to follow instructions because I often can't hold the instruction in my head long enough to perform the task and I definitely can't hold a series of multiple instructions. If you tell me to do 3 things, I will only remember the the last thing because each thing you tell me will push out the previous thing.

    So yeah I'm really messed up.

    See, what I understand is, the brain rewires itself whenever you do something. So when you smoke weed hard out for long periods of time eventually it becomes rewired so that you are basically perma-stoned. I believe it can eventually rewire itself back to normal though... I'm hoping anyway.

    You know, when I smoked I didn't give the slightest ***t about anything other than getting my next hit. I couldn't even be bothered eating. Some days I'd have nothing but coffee and a few pieces of bread. This damaged my metabolism a lot. So my damage from weed is amplified by my damage from not eating properly.
  4. I wonder if it's not actually the weed, but something sprayed on the weed by the dealer. So I'm not too quick to blame the weed itself. Regardless, I won't touch weed again. I typically would buy good quality stuff, but I'm sure there were occasions where I was desperate and bought crap that was sprayed with windex or w/e. Cigarettes are considered to be so damn problematic, but people disregard the fact that there are plenty of chemicals in them, and tobacco alone is okay in moderation. But we can't dwell on our past mistakes or beat ourselves up. We are lucky to have found Ray Peat and his work. I think small things can have a cumulative effect over time and the brain can repair itself in the right environment. I am using coconut oil with my eggs everyday, so hopefully that is doing some good. I am also drinking plenty of coffee and taking b vitamins. And I find that If I can lower stress with benadryl, then pregnenolone doesn't cause me problems. There is a ton of research suggesting pregnenolone can reverse memory issues in the elderly, so that certainly makes me hopeful.
  5. I think you should stick with pregnenolone for at least a month, with big doses like three-hundred milligrams per day. I found thiamine to be a real change at a gram and a half per day for a couple weeks. A little Noopept here and there with some N-Back training to your taste. You must get out of the house at least once every day and enjoy the way you think naturally. Avoid physical pleasures.
  6. Yes my DH smoked for about thirty years. He is off for two. He is in school full-time and struggles with the same issues. He has seen improvement with pregnanalone and B1 and lots of sugar.
  7. Its very estrogenic

    Apparently it is popular among leftists which can explain their erratic behaviour
  8. I second trying noopept. Also creatine is supposed to help with cognitive function.. In vegetarians at least.

    I had similar experiences with marijuana. I smoked consistently from 15-26. Eventually i started having adverse reactions to it, similar to panic attacks. My last attempt at eating a medical grade throat lozange ended up with a trip to the hospital and blood pressure around 170-110 and average resting heart rate in the 120s. It was unpleasent to say the least. I also noticed i have difficulty with memory and pronunciation of words, also recalling words/names. Its gotten better on a high sugar diet but still not like pre marijuana.

    Anywho i still love weed, at least the idea of it and the growing side of it. It is a very spiritual plant and there is no denying that it has medicinal properties. I have also wondered if it is not the plant itself that is the problem but the constant persuit of getting a higher thc count that is the issue. People are using all sorts of organic and chemical compounds to up the thc and also the cross breeding. Indica steains especially caused me to go into a panic almost immediately with chest tightening, high blood pressure, etc. almost like an allergic reaction or mild OD which most weeds heads say is not possible. I also know a few people that smoke all day every day for years with only positive effects. :shrugs:
  9. marijuana doesn't cause those kind of issues, so it wasn't that
    im being honest
  10. Which, cognitive impairing stuff or my issues?

    If your referring to me, i got the same experiences from many different strains, ways of smoking and also edibles. I most certainly was a reaction to marijuana in general. It also got worse over the course of a few years after almost ten years of daily smoking with no issues so it might of been a build up effect or my body rejecting it, not really sure why.
  11. I don't know one former or current smoker who doesn't complain about this.
  12. its probably too deep to talk about here, so I wont start a convo...but cannabis is like the icing on the top of the cake, everything else has to be good under it. And most people like to attribute anything to common culprits, I bet cannabis actually has helped all these people. But ill leave it at that. I am a current smoker who doesn't complain about that at all...it helps in all aspects. It elevates all aspects. Like I said though theres too many variables for me to even try to get across here, and people probably wouldn't be able to understand without experiencing things that might take years and in a specific way, otherwise they wont understand the complexity. Its a blue bill kind of thing. Theres actual tests that have been done showing regular cannabis users score higher in certain long term abstract ways of thinking, but that's just a whatever thing. It has thousands of years of reverence by billions of people. Its definitely the most falsely talked about plant in modern history. To me even the fact its like illegal or 'for medical uses aka the cartel kind of disease thinking' is highly disrespectful, disgraceful, and not even close to the point of the herb. Its the kind of thing that if people embraced from an early age unbiasedly we would have an entirely different culture and way of life, but instead its this. Im serious though its not marijuana that is causing any of your issues...or that it was a culprit. Its a short acting inert substance. Ive gone on such a health and life journey through the deepest lows and highest highs, so I know what kind of factors play into life, and ive gone from down to up while using cannabis the whole time, and easily if I wasn't the way I was could have just been like 'its the marijuana! doctor help me!' while simply eating a bad meal or imbalanced meal, not enough, too much water all mess with memory and intelligence much worse than marijuana. It actually helps
  13. Look, you could see or smell something for five seconds a day and it would eventually show in a brain scan against someone who didn't do it. And we are talking about people who were smoking many times a day.
  14. :lol: not just a stereotype then?
  15. i think it does change the brain a little bit with chronic use, but it seems to be a benefit for me. I haven't noticed it do anything to memory at all, or concentration or intelligence, in fact I think the way it expands and synchronizes the brain I think it has helped due to a more entire grasp of my experiences. I just mean to say people are often doing things dietarily, or medicine from a doctor or other lifestyle factors that happen, simply early 20's aging and the disillusionment of the world by being thrust into it...lots of things change, and I don't think marijuana is what caused anything...there has to be other variables
  16. They complain of it, doesn't mean it's really happening :mrgreen:
  17. The increasing campaign to promote marijuana is probably a way for the goverment to pacify the population.
  18. Well it seems like just a thing of the times, unless kids are simply more receptive to the propaganda.

  19. hi pboy.

    I think there is a small minority of users, who for some reason are able to smoke every day and it doesnt impair them. in some cases even improves them.

    However this is not the norm. Virtually everyone I know who smokes has been negatively affected - they are slack, forgetful, full of ideas but no actions. And most of them will start jumping out of their skin if they have to go more than a day without it.

    I think it's a bit arrogant to say "marijuana doesn't cause those issues".
  20. Yes, cannabinoids have much potential but in no way is THC an inert substance. Kind of an odd stance to take saying that everyones issue with marijuana is not actually the bud but other lifestyle factors... In my case, its without a doubt marijuana, although i cant blame it for reducing cognitive function since that spanned years.
  21. Something to ponder:

    Marijuana May Prevent Memory Loss by Reducing Brain Inflammation

    http://www.collective-evolution.com/201 ... lammation/

    Marijuana could help reduce memory loss in old age and fight Alzheimer's Disease, scientists have found.

    http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/science ... imers.html
  22. thanks burt, its nice to have science to back up what I feel, and so other people might listen

    its not arrogant for me to say that, its just courageous confidence from someone whos put things to a rigorous test on myself. Ive endured a lot to come to some of the knowledge I have so I don't take it lightly
  23. When I was smoking weed every day, multiple times a day throughout high school, my grades started slipping and I became dumber. But I don't think it was because of marijuana was physically damaging my brain. It was because I was high all the time and thus my learning ability and motivation to learn was impaired. And when I was high, I would search for immediate gratification. I would stay up late watching movies and playing video games. Poor sleep habits and shitty food and lack of motivation and impairment in ability to learn while high were what made me dumb. Nowadays, I can ingest a bit of marijuana a few times a month, when going on a hike or winding down, and it has zero noticeable negative effect on my cognitive function. It's quite pleasant compared with alcohol as my brain feels good as new the following day after use.
  24. Cannabis use in Alzheimer patient:

    http://skunkpharmresearch.com/alzheimer ... -cannabis/

  25. Smoking weeds can affect our brain cells that can also cause a memory lost. You should consult with your doctor about that
  26. I've experienced this as well. Any sort of challenge or setback has me feeling like giving up on life and just completely sheltering myself away. I have lost any sort of resilience or 'grit' as they call it. Any sort of setback and I'm done.

    I wonder if it's the marijuana or something else thats caused this. I remember in my teens I would go to dozens of different stores in one day looking for a job and now just a few rejections is enough to send me home for the day.
  27. Dr. Peat mentions having used marijuana before, I remember that from one of his interviews. I believe he said it was for pain relief when he was young. I also believe he told a caller that it would be better NOT to smoke it. My understanding is the smoke, ie. soot (NO and CO) is estrogenic and the reason for mental and physical ailments. That may explain why marijuana and tobacco smoking effects people differently and some not at all.

    Preventing and treating cancer with progesterone.

    Percival Potts' observation of scrotal cancer in chimney sweeps eventually led to the study of soot carcinogenesis, and then to the study of the properties of the polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in soot. The similarities of those properties to estrogen's soon became apparent.
  28. I'm with you on smoke itself being a problem for people smoking anything, including estrogenic effects of soot. I think the soot is the mostly carbon solid particles - as you say, shown to be problematic in itself. The CO and NO gases both have their own separate damaging mechanisms as well.
  29. Does smoking cigarettes have the same estrogenic effect. I've read that it raises your testosterone levels.
  30. Excessive stimulation of cannabinoid sites will down-regulate / desensitize them.
    Trying a cannabinoid antagonist may stimulate up-regulation / re-sensitization. You could investigate that path.
  31. http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC2918244/

    Anyone who encourages a substance which has "obvious" psychological effects while using their own dependence on said substance as evidence for it's safety is doing an incredible disservice to the person they are trying to help and the cause they are trying to further.

    What's worse is actively invalidating the intuition of someone you don't even know because you've glorified the aforementioned substance to such an extent that it is simply impossible in your mind that it could cause anything but rainbows and lollypops to rain down from the sky and cure everyone of ignorance, greed and unhappiness.

    Any pothead I know who started in his teens has noticeable psychological problems. Some are employed in high end, technical jobs. That isn't evidence that cannabis didn't do them any harm. It's only evidence that people can adapt despite the damages caused. Most are incapable of doing anything but menial jobs, despite having an IQ in the upper echelons of 150. Some have determined to quit every week for 25 years and still turn into an anti social idiot when they go more than 12 hrs without a spliff. My own experience has never been that dire. I've smoked maybe a handful of times this year and feel more "drained" after a spliff than when I take something like ecstasy. When I did it more than that, I noticed the same apathy creeping into my life. Saying it's harmless is just not true. Nothing is harmless.

    Marijuana has a lot of uses. So does heroin. So do explosives. Putting any of them on a pedestal in order to justify their excessive use is stupid and ignorant imo and sets back the potential medical applications of such a substance.

    If you think weed is helpful, then use it. If you think you're using it too much, you probably are. I would say that I don't think it's possible to cause yourself "permanent" damage, though - neurologically, anyway. It definitely has obvious therapeutic uses in the short term from everything I've ever read or observed, and even "toxic doses" of LSD couldn't cause any lasting damage beyond 6months...Also, I read that canabinoids can circulate for 6-12months, but I don't imagine they would cause any noticable effect on your mind?
  32. it goes deeper than that man, youre still living in some kind of fake propaganda world. Marijuana is a great tool for people who desire something more than a life where humans, a social animal, are in a forced competitice musical chairs in an unnatural polluted environment. It re tunes the mind so where you actually look out for each other in the group, you aren't competing, and you want to be more in tune with nature. If anything, it puts you in a healthier mindset, biologically, socially, and spiritually. If you think getting an unnatural 9-5 stressful job and just accepting everything as is, competing, posturing, polluting, is normal and correct, then someone who smokes in your mind will seem like the odd one out and 'lazy' or having 'issues', but in reality they are probably healthier than you and that's why they still have the where abouts that things are way off on a grand scale. Marijuana is unique, its not a drug like...pretty much any other drug or substance, because it doesn't contain alkaloids. Every other drug works via alkaloids or related substances that are poisonous, and harm bodily systems. Marijauana doesn't harm any bodily systems and is not poisonous even in tremendous amoutns, its on par with water in terms of how little poisonous it is, if anything it might be better than drinking excess water. Its a bad thing to speak on something that you really have no clue about, you might think you do, but your looking at an EXTREMELEY narrow picture. Marijuana was first made illegal in a british or dutch African colony in the 16 or 1700's, that was the first time it was documented, and it was because the slave masters couldn't convince their workers to simply work extra hard all day for the sake of the colonizers. It made them too happy and social. You can trace it from there to british india, where they did the same things in some parts, although even they weren't that hard on it. In American, it was made illegal for business sake and to criminalize Mexican immigrants. Theres never actually been a good reason, ever, that it has been criminalized. It was used religiously and medicinally in every area where its ever been. First in West China, Turkmenistan, then into India and Iran, where it is still used today as the highest sacrament to their main God. All the Zoroastrian temples, fire temples, offered cannabis. Its listed as the #1 out of 10,000 herbs in their holy books. It then spread through the middle east and into the 'holy land' where it was then adopted promptly and used by the masses and in spiritual temples. Whereever it goes it does the same thing, people love it, use it, benefit from it, and its always revered as a godly substance. Then it made its way into Europe, where the Queen's private doctor used it on her, documented, and said 'this is one of the most valuable medicines we have'. It puts the users mindset in such an uplifted mood, you don't just say or talk about spiritual support or feeling supported by the universe, you FEEL it, which is muuuuuuuuch different. When you feel that connection, you aren't likely to be convinced to go sit in a propaganda church that says only they know and can communicate with god, and to pay them money, in an indoor building. Youre more inclined to take a walk in nature and actually experience it yourself, to watch animals, to reflect on your life and thereafter. It as well, makes it hard to convince people that being a worker bee slave in an artificial, stressful, competitive environment is actually noble, right, or necessary. But if you think it is, then that's the lense you are judging marijuana out of. Anyone who uses it or knows anything about it knows that it doesn't hurt potential in any way, in fact it greatly helps it. All of the accomplishments of ancient India, which blow away anything the west ever did for thousands of years, were done under the influence. Many of the greatest scientists and artist, writers, activists, throughout recent times have been proponents...many of them specifically citing that they probably couldn't have done as much as they did without it. Its what you want to accept life as being and how you want to live, what you think is right, that determines your view point on it. Only post industrial slave master, corpo master, religious staunch rigid people actually think theres anything wrong with it, and those are the same people who basically are responsible for most of the worlds ills...for making people unhappy, sick, polluting the environment and peoples minds. Its effects wear off after less than a day, even if you smoke a lot. It has no long term effects let alone problems, other than actually helping to restore your proper perspective of your place as a human in life...pre bull****
  33. A lot of absolutes for being so open minded?

    I'll be succinct and ask, what use is wisdom without action? It's interesting that you project so much into the outside world and yet make no comments on your self, personally...though you presume to comment on me, personally. I'd say you're the one living in some fake propoganda world. You're also the architect.

    I'm a proponent of drug legalization across the board, from opium to giggle pills. But I lend credence to both sides of the argument. http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/24633558 (the studies are in related citations)

    Idealizing something because it gratifies your lifestyle does nothing to promote it to someone who already agrees with you on a fundamental level. Weed's great, in moderation. Not to sound rude, but I can infer that you're anything but a moderate user. There's nothing wrong with that, if you're happy. I'd only wonder how happy you could really be with a lifestyle that's so reliant on such a powerful, psychotropic drug? I've never encountered a chronic pot smoker who didn't use it to cover up some sort of psychological or emotional problem. Chronic pain management may be more appropriate, but who am I to judge?
  34. i smoke occasionally, im by no means a heavy user. Ive been into herbalism and have tried the gambit of drugs, and its pretty obvious to someone whos done that that it isn't even in the same class as opium or pills. I am open minded, which is why I experiment and speak from experience, I dont just cite studies by people who have no clue, to be honest. Its incredibly rude to say people you know who smoke are covering emotional and other issues, the state of our society creates that naturally, unless you are rich and spoon fed, the way our society and mode of conducting business and everything is so out of touch with our physiology and mental ideal that naturally everyone has issues. Cannabis helps you realize that and keeps you honest, and keeps perspective proper. The herb itself is an aid to the commonly created stress of society, which almost everyone has, the competitive nature, fellow people lying and trying to extort, none of that is normal for our sensitive social minds. You wouldn't know the difference if you been living in it your whole life. I probably take in less 'drug' like substances, natural or man made, than anyone else I know and probably most people in the world...and yet I can honestly say, cannabis is still something I think would vastly help the society at large if people used it casually, its not a drug, its something unique and very deeply healing. Its hard for science people or just your basic foolish programmed person to accept that there are exceptions, anomalies, and sometimes things that are uniquely valuable as they are
  35. I like cannabis and use it from time to time. But if I use it more than ~2 times a week I can already feel a slight change in intellectual performance and memory.
    On the other hand I dont want to miss it. Its so versatile for me. Wether it is helping to fall asleep, the increase in suggestibility to connect crazy concepts, or the awesome ability to travel back in time and get this intense authentic feeling of this particular "era". It all depends on strain, dosage and method of consumption. Nothing else can achieve this in my experience. So I can sympathise with pboy. But I am pretty sure that there is a negative side to it, especially if you smoke it.

    Edit: To address pboy's point about the influence of society:

    I think thats one of the biggest flaws of most people in the "peat-community".
    They try to use their money to fine tune their diet and buy fancy supplements to offset the negative influence of a life in this ****88 up society. But this approach is futile. We would have to work on the bottleneck but we all dont want to, because we know its very hard ;)
  36. My inference was incumbent on another quote I'd read:

    Forgive the presumption.

    Disregarding scientific studies that contradict what you've stated and basing your argument on the premise that the scientists performing the experiments don't have a clue is very strange. I could offer you a thousand different studies that support the medicinal benefit of marijuana, but I suspect you would hold these up for all to see. What's the difference? DO you really think this is open minded?

    Is it rude? "The state of our society" is a reflection of the people who perpetuate it, of which you, I, and drug addicts are all apart of. It's the proverbial chicken or the egg debate, now. I'm surprised that comment is considered inappropriate. I was speaking from personal experience and yet you're treating it like a personal critique. By your own logic I am simply stating the obvious - that a society of sick individuals will cope one way or another. I am reading more of your posts out of curiosity...

    Is this not the exact same thing? You're stating personal opinion that essentially condemns 90% of the world as brain dead idiots, yet for me to suggest that drug addicts are trying to cope with emotional trauma by abusing mind altering substances is rude? I think you are unnecessarily defensive. The majority of my friends are drug users. I'm a drug user. I simply think it's naive to think that someone who derives short term pleasure at the cost of long term penalty (alcoholic, drug addict etc) is not compensating for something. Addiction and dependence are fundamentally pathological in nature, aren't they?

    I'm glad for you. You're certainly doing better than I am in that case. My drugs of choice are caffeine and aspirin, currently.

    Does that logic apply to cannabis? That is, anomalies etc that don't fall in line with the "deeply healing" properties, or is it exempt? I ask because you essentially said it doesn't in your earlier reply, when you told the OP that cannabis was not the cause of his trouble, and which prompted me to reply in the first place.

    I do agree though, that legalizing all drugs, sex and practically every carnal activity would greatly benefit society. Prohibition never works and exhausts any system that tries to use itself against itself. If you tell someone not to think of purple elephants etc...haha

    To say it's not a drug, though...well...this makes me question whether your perspective is as based in reality as you claim?


    I agree. Listening to music, writing, dancing, or being outside in good company appears more "meaningful" when high. My problem with cannabis is that it appears to be innocuous which makes it dangerous for persons prone to dependence. It encourages complacency, I think. People would rather get high and enjoy the experience than simply enjoy the experience for what it is. When someone then says that the psychoactive experience is somehow more real than the other, that's when I think problems arise.

    I'd also reiterate to the OP that the more you worry about something, the more likely it is to impact you. Maybe you notice some realitve detriment from your drug use, but from another perspective, it has simply altered your point of view and made you more aware of your own intelligence and abilities. Despite any studies I posted, correlation does not equal causation and it has been proven that simply things like focused awareness/mindfulness practice can have incredible impact on the brains white/grey matter - so maybe look into meditation. It's been proven to rewire neuronal pathways and improve memory/higher cognitive functioning, and is as simply as paying attention to your breath, recognizing when you lose focus, then reapplying focus.
  37. I mean its not like other drugs, where addicts become burnouts and lose their health. It is different in action than other studied plant or man made drugs in that it is non toxic. The fact we even have to justify it as 'maybe medicinal' and run studies is kind of silly because it was only made illegal in the first place for false reasons...but yes im glad that most studies are concluding benefit rather than harm. Theres still that stigma though that people carry from their drug talks and classes in school that loops it in with alcohol, and other drugs that people are addicts, burnouts, lose their memory and all that. It doesn't even have that potential. But if for one reason or another, of which theres many, people are not as optimal in their late 20's as they were when they were younger, if they happened to use marijuana, because of what they were told in school, they'll attribute it as being a culprit...and it then prevents them from looking at or considering other things. If people feel worse without it then with it sometimes, perhaps its actually something they need and that's why, not that it damaged them in some way or caused them to be an addict.
    When Im around loving vibes, like people who get along, doing something fun, outdoors...I don't have the desire to smoke...it might make it better, but it isn't something that I think about. Its those times Ive worked a whole week, come home alone, traffic, no love in the work place, all the news and billboards full of non loving advertising, jabs, fear, ect...I look around and see no trees, no nature, just ugly pollution and the air is full of chemicals. That's when I desire to smoke, because it takes my soul back to the state it should be in in a healthy normal situation. So you then realize that many many people are probably in that situation, and the more you are tuned into the loving vibe, the more likely you are to question whats going on at large and whats going on. It also drastically keeps you from getting sick because it takes mind of stress and into a loving state. I guess we just differ on the fact that people lump it in with drugs when its not that, it is in fact an anomaly which is what I was referring to. Theres really no other plant that has such a profound benefit, any other drug or plant that has any kind of action works through alkaloids and other related molecules that change the bodies physiology in a big way, mess with transmittors, and can kill you, but cannabis has a unique class of molecules that it works through that don't do any of those things. I didn't invent that that's how it is, its just how it is...and Im sensitive enough and intelligent enough to recognize it and get benefit from it. I mean people go to jail and get fined and kept out of jobs for using it...its not like that at all, that reeks of something totally prejudice and wrong, and yea...finally people in the US are waking up but most of the older generations and people making decisions in govt still live in the religious refer madness days, unfortunately. Im kind of tired of having this type of conversation though, because the very nature or arguing is against how I want to be...isn't that strange, its like cannabis causing paranoia...its actually anti paranoia in action, but because its illegal and people feel like parents, authorities, govt, ect will get them in trouble or look down on them if they use it, it makes them paranoid. Its opposed to what cannabis is even about to argue about it
  38. Why do i smell a strawman argument ?
  39. This has been Big Pharma's catch argument ever since cannabis was outlawed, and allowed those persons to fell prey to the evil lies of the medical profession.

    Those who lost their livelihoods, sanity and lives to these poisons could only wish to have found cannabis in their difficult times; they will never be here to bear witness to this alternative, since most ended up in the empty streets, hospitals or morgues.
  40. It's interesting that you quote this, then omit the logic that proceeds it. My only reason for commenting in this thread was that someone was glorifying cannabis and telling the OP that there was no way it could cause problems like he described.

    It's also interesting that cannabis is either considered entirely evil, or utterly benign. It truly is unique in this universe.

    (that's a strawman argument)

    Though I don't understand what it had to do with my opinion on the dangers of substance abuse, or what poisons you're talking about? Pboy himself has stated that cannabis lets you "see things the way they really are" and yet uses it as a form of escapism when the way things are become intolerable. It's understandable, but I think it's dangerous, too, when one needs to alter reality in order to convince themselves that they are handling it better than someone who drinks alcohol, or sleeps around, or compulsively spends money. They all achieve the same thing. They make the grey world a bit brighter for a few hours.

    Seems like this is going OT. There's nothing to convince me of. I'm fairly sure I agree with everything either of you have to say, except that cannabis is an infallible miracle drug that can do no harm. That just seems arrogant, as I'm sure my perspective may seem to you.

    You know why?

  41. its the opposite of an escape, it makes you focus and bring yourself back into your senses and reality. Im talking just a few hits not necessarily smoking a fat blunt or something. Its completely different than all the things you mentioned above, drinking alcohol, sleep around, compulsively spend money are all destructive or dangerous or unhealthy, and can ruin relationships. Cannabis is incredibly easy to raise, and effects no one but the user, and they can still function 100% on it. You still believe what you were told in elementary school
  42. Yea its easy to raise and I think it should be everybodys own business.

    But function 100%? Nope :D Ofc it depends on the activity but I made several self experiments.
    There are things which run smoother while high and things which dont.
    And programming and solving differential equations definitely don't belong in the former group of activities :lol:
    At least in my case.
  43. There's increasing awareness about CBD, which can completely offset the psychoactive effects of high THC.
    These high strains CBD have only been introduced these last few years, and allow people to function normally while taking cannabis.

    So all past experiences of recreational use flies out of the window when one makes a conscious effort to consume equal amounts of THC-CBD.
  44. And yet another strawman argument of yours.
    It's getting difficult to keep count...
  45. Well, at least you're trying?

    Then again, if you don't share your opinion but insist on taking part, one can't be held responsible for misrepresenting you.

    Hey! We've come full circle. Wisdom without action. What's the use?
  46. Thanks for the info.
    I'll read into that, sounds interesting.
    But I have to say I can't imagine how it would feel without "psychoactive effects".
  47. I don't know enough to comment on the overall hormone effects, but the soot, carbon monoxide and NO are burdens.
  48. that's the thing, the smoke can become a big deal if you inhale a lot of material. With cannabis and tobacco, if you only take a few puffs, spaced out, and you have a good diet, its of no effect. If you smoke paper and large amounts at once of consistently, it is a problem for sure
  49. George Soros funds #legalizeit.
  50. not a soros fan, but if people haven't tried it b/c it's illegal then they're already pacified sheeple. way too many negatives when it's illgal. if we legalized alcohol, this is the logical next step. maybe this soros related initiative can fall into the same category as his clean water & anti logging foundations.

    alchi & herrorin derived substances already allow for enough pacifying to the people that want that effect. i think the downside of cannibis is lack of motivation in some youth. some people just become content with merely being sheltered & fed while hooked to the medicine. i would imagine in those cases, the medicine is safe guarding the body from some sort of known or unknown trauma.
  51. The prohibition of alcohol correlated with a dramatic uptick in violent crime in the U.S. They're definitely therapeutic modalities, although certain ones (such as alcohol and but mostly cannabis) promote complacency, submissiveness and acceptance of authoritarianism.
  52. That depends on the percentage of both together. For example, when I had my green card I had access to 3 different strains. The one was only 0.3% THC, another was 3.5% THC and the last strain was 20% THC.

    I could have mixed the first and last strains together resulting in approximately 18% CBD and 20% THC. But I can assure you that the CBD would not balance such a large percentage of THC.

    CBD balances THC when both levels are about 8% or lower.

    People don't realise just how sensitive our THC receptor sites are. My 3.5% strain would get me completely influenced if I didn't smoke it every day. And that is the problem, everyday ingestion.

    Cannabis was never designed to be ingested every day except for chronic pain control or sleep issues.

    Another factor in cannabis is adrenochrome. Especially the very stimulating sativa strains, they can produce an adrenochrome reaction and psychotic breakdown manifesting in schizophrenia with hallucinations, delusions etc.

    Anybody with chronic problems of the mind after quitting would be served well by taking large dose niacin or B3 therapy. The work of Dr. Abram Hoffer was actually curing the disease of psychosis with the B3 therapy. The brain and especially the Prefrontal cortex become flushed and blood circulation greatly improves. Also B3 prevents the oxidation of adrenaline to adrenochrome which is like LSD.
  53. There is much mis information concerning CBD cannabis because Canada will be legalizing cannabis in a few months and many business people want to earn much money from CBD.
  54. Try eating some dried raw hemp when it becomes legal. Landrace hemp has 0% THC and sufficient amounts of CBD.