'many Patients Do Not Recover Once Tubed'


Jun 20, 2015
The situation described in the original post is daily business in ICU. While the patient is intubated he is kept in artificial coma to lessen the stress for him. Many people do not recover once tubed. This is not new.

Google 'invasive mechanical ventilation outcome' or 'invasive mechanical ventilation return to work' or ' invasive mechanical ventilation quality of life'.


Oct 6, 2012
I read that Acute respiratory distress syndrome had not even been described to occur until 1967, not long after mechanical ventilators started being widely used. I wonder to what extent ARDS is an iatrogenic disease.


Jul 26, 2018
I would add toxic anaesthetics.
Lungs are sensitive to oxidative stress. Many drugs lower oxidative status. Let's take fluor.
It's long known that halothane causes liver toxicity. Next generation fluoride containing anaesthetics could contribute to this problem.
Sevoflurane/isoflurane combining with many fluorided drugs like IPP, statins, fluoroquinolones, psychiatrics, nebivolol -to name a few -could excede human ability to detox. Fluoride affects manganese status- SOD-2, arginase, glutamine synthase, prolidase ,and others.
The carbon-fluoride bond doesn't provide sufficient stability allowing fluoride release.
Manganese homeostasis is maintained by liver (95%) and pancreas (5%).
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