Malassezia Turn Sebum Into PUFA - Is This Theory True?


Aug 6, 2015
Sebum is produced (cortisol/DHT/and stress, diet)
Malessezia eat the sebum.
Malassezia turn the sebum into PUFA and this causes stress.

Is this the missing link in baldness?


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Aug 6, 2015
Malassezia are only able to metabolize saturated fatty acids, leaving behind unsaturated fatty acids such as oleic acid and arachidonic acid, which can be irritating to even the non‐lesional skin of SD/dandruff patients though not control subjects.

42, 55, 60-63

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In those suffering from dandruff, the corneocytes of skin are seen loosely associated and the desmosome numbers are either reduced or absent. The lipids that are normally secreted are also decreased, which in turn affect the epidermal water barrier. Histamine-associated itching is also shown to be increased, contributing to trauma and loss of defense mechanism of the skin. This facilitates Malassezia to penetrate into the skin. They produce lipases to breakdown sebum into arachidonic acid and oleic acid, which are both irritants and have desquamative effects on keratinocytes. This starts off the inflammation and it becomes a vicious cycle.
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