Making Coffee Even More Pro-thyroid With Seaweed (tasteless)

Apr 22, 2019
So I bought this one pound bag of kelp granules for $12 recently: Seaweed, Ascophyllum nodosum

On this website, it shows that strain of seaweed has about 650mcg of iodine per gram: source

On the packaging, it states that 1/8th teaspoon is about 600mg of seaweed.

I added a 1/2 teaspoon of the stuff (2.4g of seaweed granules, ~1600mcg iodine technically) to the boiling water for about 60 seconds before throwing in the coffee grounds on top. I gave it a quick stir and strained out the whole contents about another 60 seconds later mixing it with milk annnnnnddddd I'm sweating pretty good lol, was probably too much to be honest.

But I just wanted to say that it doesn't add any taste to the coffee.

*For anyone who wanted to get in a daily whole-food source of iodine, this would cost next-to-nothing to have a 1/4 teaspoon each day...
A one-pound bag is 453 grams, so you're looking at (least) a year supply of daily iodine if you wanted to dose around 700mcg of iodine per day.

There was a time where seaweed and coffee both gave me an unhealthy dose of adrenaline, but since I have restored my adrenal and liver health both of them feel pretty tolerable if not pro-thyroid.

Some notes on kelp from the herbalist Dr. John R. Christopher:
"Kelp is not known to have produced hyperthyroidism, which may be due to the fact that the iodine in Kelp is only a part of a highly organized arrangement of salts."
"In the standard way of herbal thinking, Kelp is mainly used as an anti-fat remedy... Kelp alone can reduce fat people to more normal proportions... by working in cooperating with the endocrine glands."
"This plant influences the mucous membranes and lymphatics."
"Instead of being simply a weight loss agent, it is more a normalizer, as thin people can put on weight while taking Kelp."
"Kelp is said to be a specific remedy for liver congestion."
"Kelp is an antacid and can greatly help with chronic indigestion."
"One of the functions of iodine is to bring calmness to the mind and body by relieving nervous tension."
"Kelp contains alginic acid, which combines with metallic elements in the intestines to form insoluble salts which can then be excreted from the body..." *Goes on to say that lead can be excreted and offers protection against strontium 90 found in some cow's milks.
"Kelp is able to discriminate between strontium 90 and calcium, even though the two chemicals are so similar chemically, and the Kelp does not interfere with the body's absorption of calcium while it effectively removes the radioactive element."

Source: Dr. John R. Christopher on Kelp
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