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Magnoil - Liquid Magnesium

  1. @haidut
    Where do you recommend applying it? Any area with no hair?
  2. Pretty much yes, but not close to the eyes or any sensitive area with very thin skin. So, shoulders, upper arms, chest, torso, thighs, calves, ankles should all work.
  3. Ok, thanks
  4. Thank you for your reply. It is appreciated.
  5. I think magnoil is all or part of why I can sleep longer without waking and if I do wake up I can go back to sleep. And I don't have to eat. I use two drops on my feet in the morning and four to five drops on my back and stomach at night before bed. I hope I am not jinxing myself by speaking too soon but the only other change has been using honey instead of sugar in my coffee/milk concoction.

    I have recently added another thing for sleep, inclined bed therapy. But the above improvements occurred prior to changing my mattress.
  6. Same for me. I noticed it helped me get back to sleep when I was camping this weekend. I had a busy day outdoors, ate differently, didn't take my normal supplements and went to bed late. I woke up after 6 hours of sleep wishing I had some juice or milk but all I had was some magnoil in my bag. I put 10 drops on my skin and was able to fall back asleep for a couple more hours. I didn't fully appreciate magnoil even though it's nice for my bowels until that experience.
  7. Very nice, thanks for the feedback! Please keep us posted if anything changes with continued usage.
  8. Thanks Blossom! Just out of curiosity - does magnoil change your dreams in any way? Like make them more or less intense?
  9. They have been less intense lately but I hadn't connected it with magnoil.
  10. OK, thanks. Some people reported very deep and dreamless sleep when using higher doses, so I was just curious to hear your experience.
  11. I have been plagued with disturbing nightmares periodically basically since the end of 2016 so this is a welcome change for me.:):
  12. I am sleeping deeply and find myself nodding off during that day which never happens and I think it is very likely bc of Magnoil. Libido is persistently high. Skin seems really nice and smooth. Have only been taking 4-5 drops every few days and I notice that it seems to work even on the days I don't take it like magnesium is rising systemically in my body. Also, have several friends I have recommended it that could not seem to get relief from insomnia no matter what they tried and magnoil has fixed it. This may be my favorite supplement yet. Anything else I should look for? When I went too high in dose I got a progesterone like effect w/ libido numbing so just going to keep the dose low. I may take a big dose some weekend where I want sleep for ages and don't have anything of substance to do :)
  13. Does Mag build up in body?...can one end up taking too much?...seems like most here just winging it, so it must not be critical?...I track and average 600mg from alternating/combining 3 diff sources...sounds like Magnoil could be a good replacement.

    EDIT....just reread the whole thread and answered my questions.
  14. I have have taken magnesium in many forms for almost 40 years because I heard it was good for women with cramps. I don't know if it helped but I still take it. Magnoil is the first form I have taken that I can actually feel effects from. I don't use very many drops, perhaps 4-6 per day so measuring the milligrams seems small compared to great effects.
  15. Thank you for your comment!
  16. I gotta say I think this stuff is great. I used the past two nights and slept really well and I noticed there is almost no bubbles in urine which Ray Peat said is due to adrenaline. Also it does make the whole body feel warm. Even using 40 drops two days in a row did not produce any signs of too much magnesium so I suspect I wasn't getting eneough. Thanks for this product :thumbsup:
  17. I'd like to add that the only two people I have seen with very fast nail growth don't necessarily look in great health, one of them for sure. A simple and obvious remark but if adrenal steroids can increase nail growth like crazy then why wouldn't fast nail growth be a sign of high adrenal activity, how could it be considered as a reliable marker of health? Tbh one of them looks like cortisol has already taken over big time.
    I wonder if a high adrenal activity can come along with particular positive effects.


    This guy knows nothing about biology.
  18. Amazing! Thanks for the feedback.
  19. How fast is their nail growth? It is hard to believe that person has high cortisol as cortisol has a very well documented inhibitory effect on both hair and nail growth. Maybe the person also has high thyroid? Have any blood tests been done by any of them?
  20. His health is in the shitter like I've rarely seen one, I have not seen blood tests, except he told me he tested thyroid which was "a bit" low and he started supplementing iron after being told by his doc and blood tests he was deficient. Incidentally, both these guys have lipofuscin, and the other one had confirmed high-iron levels in blood. If adrenal hormones like dhea and its metabolites increase nail growth like crazy, then wouldn't low gonadal function / low metabolism still be compatible with fast nail growth?


    What is the amount of dmso per drop?


    Alright guys, would you mind sharing an update on your use of this supplement? Do you still use it? If so what doses and what has been your experience with it?
  21. I used it for a month. Temps went up short-term, and about 50% grey in beard disappeared.

    Also, no reactions from DMSO as far as I can tell.
  22. It is about 25mg/drop.
  23. I am still using 4 drops on my back at night and 3 drops on my feet in the morning. I sleep at least 5 to six hours without waking which is a great improvement for me. @Wagner83
  24. Yes im still using 2 drops twice daily and it has definitely improved ability to sleep longer and fall back asleep essier.
  25. 10 drops inner arm or neck or shoulders usually 3 times a day. I get muscle cramps so it keeps it at bay
  26. I am consistently applying it to my arms and tops of the feet, 4-5 drops 1x before going to bed at night. No more headaches. Immediate feeing of warmth on the skin (more so when the skin is cleaned prior to the application). In the first month of the application, the area itched for like 15min after application. Now, no itching. The sleep does seem to be less intense in terms of dreams and nightmares. The night, when I didn't use magnoil, my cramps in both feet returned (slightly). Since I've been using magnoil I don't have cramping in the feet. Meanwhile my calcium intake and the amount of D3 supplement didn't change. @Wagner83
  27. Been using it for almost a few months now. After a couple of weeks using the full dose, ~5 drops a day seems to work consistently well.
    Benefits include:
    - regular BMs
    - less stiffness in my thighs & hamstrings. Eases aches, soreness, or stiffness wherever I apply it - legs, neck, lower back
    - no more insatiable thirst
    - lessens reactive hypoglycemia if I take it before a meal, but not convenient to do that

    No noticeable difference in temps or pulse from it.
  28. No effects after first application (full dose) but the smell of it is just awful. Will report after a few days.
  29. Is it possible this supplement could worsen sleep in people who are not deficient in magnesium? I am asking this because I noticed it takes much longer for me to fall asleep if I take this product about an hour before sleep and my partner noticed the same. You have written in Cardenosine thread that "L-PGA facilitates ATP synthesis bystimulating de novo synthesis of purines." Could it be that stimulating effect of L-PGA outweights the sedating effect of magnessium??
  30. It is certainly possible, as L-PGA is also dopaminergic and such a chemical would be expected to interfere with sleep.
  31. Might be the DMSO. I tried 4-5 of h's supps in DMSO before giving up because the #1 thing all had in common was worsened insomnia

    Years ago before this DMSO fad I tried a 99% pure DMSO sup (not illegal here) and besides the horrible taste (after applying it transdermally) the main issue was also insomnia. So don't think I didn't give it a chance.

    No offense but combining magnesium with DMSO just seems like some strange oxymoron to me. Surprised this hasn't come up more. Still waiting for the clean version.
  32. We are trying to get a non-DMSO version ASAP. It's just that almost no other salt is soluble in a good transdermal solvent. The combination of magnesium and DMSO is not something new. An old and common remedy for athletic injuries and RA was a mix of DMSO and magnesium chloride.
  33. Take your time.

    I was trying it specifically for joint problems. Didn't work at all. Magnesium does a little though.

    Some really desperate guys were also putting it right on their *****. I got the impression everything surrounding DMSO was born out of pure desperation rather than science. Weird substance through and through.
  34. Why would anybody be putting it on their d***s?? I can see the rationale behind doing this with certain steroids, but why magnesium??
  35. This is completely off everyone's radar, because modern urology is a giant butt joke, but a bunch of guys on one of the popular medical health boards forgot which got stuck with some undiagnosable pain syndrome somewhere between pelvic pain disorder, prostatitis (unlikely) or some rare type of UTI that some thought was mycoplasma. I'm not sure what it did but DMSO (no magnesium) probably numbed the pain. This was how I discovered you can order tetracycline from Russia [or was it Ukraine] off ebay. Good times.
  36. Don't really think DMSO is to blame in my case. Have used it in haidut's product in the past and never had any issues with it - even when using it right before sleep (Lapodin). I think L-PGA is the issue for me. Will try to use the product it in the morning.
  37. I bought this for my mom to try and she says has stopped nodding off after dinner, but is still having trouble sleeping at night. But the not nodding off after dinner is a huge improvement and she is very happy about that, so thank you Haidut! I personally noticed a distinct feeling of calm after my first usage of 5 drops. I don't notice this so much anymore when I use it, but this could be because I have been working on my mag levels in general.

    Any update on a non-dmso version for those who can't use dmso?

    Thank you for a great product.
  38. An update on my previous report which was very early.

    I've been using 10 drops a night. It makes me really sleepy, and the next day my temps are almost a full degree higher. I'm mad thyroid resistant, so this has been huge. I think it helps with joint pains, but it's hard to tell sometimes.
  39. +1, er ditto
  40. Has Magnoil made a difference to anyone where magnesium oil previously hadn't?
  41. What is thyroid resistant? Tried lots of doses and still stay cold?

    If so, what works to fix it? Magnesium obviously helps you.
  42. Magnesium oil didn't do much for me. Occasionally I'd feel it, but most times I didn't. I'd also supplement mag glycinate which helped me with dizziness, but it was hit or miss. Magnoil is pretty consistent in helping me with dizziness. 5 or 6 drops a few times a day is better than 200 mg of magnesium orally in the for of mag glycinate, for me.
  43. Thanks ImprovingDaily. Good to know.

    I don't feel anything but my calves are constantly mildly twitching and I'm wondering if this is indicating low magnesium. Magnesium oil hasn't made any difference.

  44. Aside from k2 and fixing any prolactin, estrogen, cortisol issue how can I replicate the virility of men with strong bones.
  45. Is there a ratio to aim for in calcium to magnesium balance? I searched but didn't see that.
  46. Awesome, glad it is helping! We should have a non-DMSO version within 2 weeks. It probably won't absorb as well as the DMSO version but the magnesium content per dose would higher so that should compensate for lower absorption.
  47. Excellent, thanks for reporting!
  48. Anti-serotonin chemicals are VERY anabolic for the bone. I posted a few studies on that and Peat mentioned it as well.
  49. I'd say anywhere 1:1 to 3:1 magnesium:calcium would be fine. Most people are deficient in both calcium and magnesium. The former comes from low vitamin D levels, combined with low calcium intake and high PTH. Their blood calcium is usually normal but that is due to elevated PTH and sometimes prolactin.
  50. Do you mind sharing which solvent it is or is that confidential until release?
  51. Sorry, I don't discuss products until they are released. It results in getting an email/PM every 5min asking about release date, solvent, ingredients, effects, etc.
  52. Are you keeping the DMSO version too?
  53. +1 : I would like DMSO version to continue too.
  54. Yes, we will keep it. It will just be another option to choose from.
  55. Thank you!
  56. Thanks!

    Just wanted to note my experience: I don't get any redness or a semblance of allergic reaction when I don't use it on my face, head, or upper arms. The benefits stay the same. So changing location for the magnoil application was good for me. (I am using it on my writs and feet now.) Note also that I had those allergic reactions regardless of the size of the application area.
  57. Great, thanks for the feedback. I guess local skin thickness and health matter in regards to avoiding allergic reactions.
  58. You think it is dissolving the sebum? Is this true? Would this work it taken topically anywhere, or would have to be directly on the sebum?
  59. Haidut,
    Different colour in these batches. Could you point me in the right direction as to why?
    One bottle is light yellow, the other is a warm orange. See attached photo.
    Photos may not do it justice, but I've spent about 10 minutes visually assessing it, and it's definitely the case. Yes, I've tried moving the light source left/right/up/down/further/closer. No, it's not due to the fact one has less volume.
    Thanks again Haidut, great product, looking forward to the non DMSO version.
  60. When was the bottle on the right bought? We had one batch made with magnesium pidolate powder that had mild pink hue. That may be why the bottle on the right is of this color. Could also be the bottle itself. Have you tried pouring some liquids out and comparing just those?
  61. do you see any absorption problems with magnoil with progest e?
  62. They should not be mixed. Magnoil is DMSO-based while Progest-E is tocopherol/oil based and the two do not mix. You can apply them at the same time but to different skin areas.
  63. What is the consensus of where to apply it?
  64. The soft tissues of the anoos
  65. Are you serious?
  66. you can't tell on this forum can you LOL
    but no
  67. Lol. I've been applying it to my neck before bed.
  68. Idk about what Haidut would say but I've read the limbs are where magnesium oil sprays are usually applied
  69. I don't have the time to go through all 14 pages of this thread, so apologies if these qs have been covered already:

    1) are people typically ingesting this or applying it topically?
    2) if ingesting, what is a good food to have with this?
    3) if applying topically, is there an advisable concurrent time of day/food consumption?
    4) best kept in the fridge or doesn't matter?

    Asking these qs because I just got my Magnoil and want to deploy it well!
  70. Topical, on the limbs, at night as it relaxes you.
    Idk about his but mine at room temp
  71. Deleted
  72. I just received my Magnoil and chose to apply it to the area on the inside of my left knee, which has some spider veins due to growing too fast.

    -I used 12 drops, and noticed a sedative effect pretty quickly. I do feel slightly groggy.
    -I wondered if the magnesium part of the solution was completely absorbing because, in spite of tasting DMSO within a minute, there was a sticky patch on my leg for about 45 minutes. This has all but disappeared now, however.
    -The most interesting thing, is that the spider veins have decreased in prominence by probably 50%. Magnesium can improve progesterone levels, so this is to be expected, but I also found this study Effect of magnesium on vascular tone and reactivity in pressurized mesenteric resistance arteries from spontaneously hypertensive rats. - PubMed - NCBI, which shows an improvement in vascular tonicity with a magnesium perfusion.
    -I use HTMA to assess magnesium levels, I think it's good enough, so hopefully this will have an effect.
  73. This can also be potassium deficiency. Try getting some potassium bicarbonate and disolving a 1/4-1/2 tsp in ACV or ascorbic acid. Have it with a meal to slow absorption.
  74. I started using this before work. Makes me feel calm, confident, and dealing with people is much easier
  75. Any update on the non-dsmo version?
  76. Great, so glad it is helping! Thanks for sharing!
  77. Waiting on a vendor to send us some other salts that may dissolve much better in ethanol/SFA. It seems that getting anhydrous magnesium salts is a very tricky issue in the USA. Even large vendors like Sigma Aldrich do not carry them and have to get them through a partner. But we will get there, I definitely want to have a non-DMSO version too.
  78. Awesome, thanks for the tireless searching. I like this product but distain the dsmo. This and 6-keto P4 are awesome!
  79. Looking forward to experimenting with a non-DMSO version. Hopefully by the end of the year?
  80. Yes, that's the plan. Surprisingly, it is very hard to find non-hydrated salts of magnesium but with enough effort things eventually materialize.
  81. After a while of use:
    Helped correct my Vitamin D level which was stubborn before using more Mg
    Helped me respond better to thyroid
    Is helping my gut barrier integrity, which is one of my main issues, and thus my overall symptoms
  82. Same question, please—are you taking this internally?
  83. Topically
  84. How do you think the absorption of the new version will compare to the DMSO version? Will you keep a DMSO version? I'm using a really high amount currently and it's proving absolutely essential right now (I'm the guy from over email trying to fix the clotting issues).
  85. DMSO version will stay. I don't know how much will absorb but it seems to be absorbing well enough to cause sedation at higher doses. It also depends a lot on a person's skin and their hormonal balance. People with higher cortisol have very thin skin and can get very strong effects even from low doses. Conversely, people with thicker skin often need higher doses or longer exposure time to get the same effects. So, it will have to be a trial-error experiment to see what works best.
  86. Thank you.
  87. Been taking magnoil for a few days. Just a few drops at morning and night. Tonight, I rubbed 7 drops on my belly, which is the most I've used at one time. Mood and energy improved after 20-30 minutes. However, about an hour later, had uncomfortable loose stools. I wouldn't think that 7 drops would cause such an extreme reaction. Does this mean that my body is absorbing the magnesium, but it isn't getting into the cell? So my body pushes the rest out? Upthread, Haidut mentioned that mag needs to be balanced with calcium, so maybe my minerals are out of balance? Any idea why I'd have such an extreme loose stool response with only 7 drops?
  88. It suggests your magnesium stores are pretty good. Probably no need to take that much. Some other people in the thread had the same results and now take only 3-4 drops daily.
  89. OK, thanks for your response. However, the higher dose definitely improved mood, so it seems perhaps my body did need/like more, suggesting my magnesium stores aren't necessarily that great....? Frustrating when it helps one way, but causes issues in another.
  90. Tried it three times. Half dose topically on my belly. Felt more calm and focused without feeling drowsy. Historically always had problems with relaxing and being hyper lots of times. I can describe the feeling as "grounded". Amazing. Gonna play with the dose and report later. Cheers!
  91. Even though I've been satisfied with my daily mag chloride and mag gly I was itching to try the IdeaLabs Magnoil...Haidut's research was convincing and mag is one of my top priorities...
    After receiving my order and re-reading the Magnoil thread I started my first night w a conservative 6 drops on leg/thigh...noticed nothing dramatic ...this didn't surprise me because I monitor my mag and run around 650 mg daily. I go to bed early and usually have a short but restorative nights sleep...so I wake up quite early and just lay in bed and start stressing somewhat...the only time I feel stress in my day is early morning after awakening...often worrying about my health, my lack of money, my disability, my young daughter...on and on and on...what AA calls "stinkin' thinkin'"...well, surprise!...when I take my little 6 drops of Magnoil before bed my sleep is even deeper and when I awake...not a worry or negative thought/stress in sight!? ...consistently...this is gold man, plus I get the added benefits of a little dmso...thanks Mr. Giorgy.!
    Could this be synergistic w my 10mg Stressnon/1 mg Androsterone somehow?...but it's actually the addition of Magnoil that has caused the positive change....
  92. Amazing! Thanks for the feedback!
  93. Nice, glad it is helping!
    Yes, magnesium is usually synergistic with pregnenolone and other steroids, mostly because it increase the conversion of pregnenolone into downstream steroids and also because it potentiates the GABA effects of steroids like allopregnanolone (a pregnenolone metabolite) and androsterone (a GABA agonist).
  94. What tests are available to see how this product goes is affecting my levels?
  95. I suppose the main thing for me is that I have regular bowel from this product. No loose bowels. That alone keeps my metabolic rate at a very decent level, and for 30 bucks per month, I can’t really put a price on that. It’s pretty much the most profound thing I can do for my health in terms of my metabolism.

    In terms of increasing levels, am I at more benefit of doing smaller amounts three times per day, or just continue as I am, and taking 30 drops on a ‘once only’ protocol, each evening? But am I only absorbing a certain amount of magnesium on ‘three time’ (and ‘spaced out’, multiple time) application? During the day I focus more on calcium supplentation (to offset phosphorus intake), as per Peat’s recommendations.

    Are you considering ever releasing a calcium supplement? What about a taurine and/or glycine supplement? You have released threads pretty much saying that these amino acids aid in a lot of health conditions. I notice anabolic effects from taurine, for sure. I had to stop taking gelatin (Great Lakes) for the glycine, because, for the previous two winters, it made me extremely susceptible to colds/flus and just generally feeling like my immune function was really bad. I know Peat recommends Great Lakes, but there’s something not right about either gelatin or that particular product for me. Glycine supplementation alone doesn’t have this effect, but I then have to worry about taking teaspoons of a product which is probably not as pure as I’d like. Just wondering...

    Lastly, I’m thinking about adding this to my cats cat food. I am very wary of adding any metabolic enhancing supplements to my cats food, as I know from adding these supplements to my own lifestyle, and from that not meeting the calorific needs to support them, it can be equally as stressful as a low metabolic state. However, I don’t notice this effect from magnesium, or from your magnoil product.
  96. Apologies if I repeat what others have already said but I love this Magnoil. I usually use 5 drops per calf- total 10 drops- only when needed i.e.: tired from being on my feet at work, or just feel like a top-up- before bed.
    I sleep like a baby (at my age that's a big stretch!)
    But the best thing about this product? It dries smooth- yes, makes my skin feel like a baby's bottom....no stickiness like Mag Oil and DMSO....I had to wipe that off before bed.
    Worth its weight in gold!
    Thank you Haidut.
  97. No stickiness like DMSO? I thought Magoil had DMSO in it?
  98. RBC magnesium test should work. I think @Dan Wich has a few providers of this test on his website.
  99. Awesome! Thanks for the great feedback!