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Magnesium Glycinate Liquid

  1. I mix powder in juice. Voila. Liquid.
  2. The glycine has to taste better than the chloride in solution. Nasty stuff that is. Anyone tried it?
  3. I've tried that brand's regular Magnesium Glycinate capsules, and they're excellent. However, you need to pop 3-4 of them daily to obtain the RDA. All serving sizes for Magnesium (except Oxide) will typically provide 100 + mgs. So I suppose this liquid is better than popping 4 at a time. To me, the taste of Chloride doesn't matter. I've also had the Glycinate powder and they all have a taste. Typically most people rate liquids or powder versions of this mineral poorly due to taste. Trust me though, taste doesn't reflect effectiveness. It's a good product I'm sure.
  4. Yes, I did try the product mentioned, out of curiosity, a while back. First, it is, per mg, easily three times the price of the same company's capsules.

    Second, it is an oral solution. It has an okay taste, but would not work well as is for topical absorption.

    Third, xylitol is one of the sweetener ingredients. I do not find xylitol taken internally to be agreeable. In my case, it seems to upset digestion.

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    As @Frankdee20 notes, Magnesium Glycinate can be a helpful supplement. This particular product may be better for those who like the liquid instead of capsule oral form, and are not on a tight budget.
  5. Thanks.
  6. I don't know the specific reason why you are considering taking this supp. Perhaps you prefer liquid form supp's. If so, I highly recommend Magnesium Bicarb water. Way cheaper, works amazing, and hardly any flavor at all.
    I've been taking 1/4 cup of Magbicarb (home-made with seltzer and MoM) daily mixed with spring water. Lots more energy and faster digestion (in a good way, not liquid stools like with oxide and citrite).
    Also, some people with MTHFR can have impaired glycine cleavage system and not absorb mag glycinate.