Magnesium Causing Gynocomastia

Jac t

New Member
May 13, 2020
Hello all. I saw one thread on here about magnesium causing gyno and i seem to be having the same symptoms. Magnesium glycinate literally turned my life around as it gave me restorative sleep and energy that i had not felt in a long time. After taking it for a couple of months i started developing gyno, sour moods and weakness feeling until i went off of it. Does anyone know how to avoid this (and still take while taking it). I heard one person recommend vitamin e powder to tune down hyperactive estrogen receptors?


Oct 2, 2015
taking magnesium w/ low potassium will cause a potassium deficiency therefore inducing alkalosis


Mar 3, 2017
@Jac t you can try 3 to 6 grams Glycine before bed to see if that’s the part of the mag glycinate that’s helping you find deeper sleep.
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