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Magnesium Bicarbonate And Hemorrhoids?

  1. Magnesium bicarbonate seems to cause hemorrhoid-like symptoms for me. Any one else experience this? What could be the mechanism?
    I think I'm making it correctly- following the process on toxinless.com, and the resulting water is crystal-clear.
  2. Carbonate killed me.... still trying to heal from it. Bicarbonate seems to be working for me now. Maybe drink less for a while?
  3. What bad effects did you get from carbonate
  4. Terrible butt pains. I wonder if my Hemorrhoids turned to fissures because i didn’t heed the warning and kept on going with the carbonate.....
  5. Did it have a laxative effect on you?
  6. Yup. Explosives.

    Testing out vitamin c now for the repair.
  7. Vitamin c makes it burn when I pee.
  8. How much are you taking? A gram once or twice a day, spaced out is all that is needed for me atleast. Not going to get back into megadosing it like I used to do
  9. I usually take about a gram of quali-C but at once. Maybe I will try spacing it out.
  10. Need to neutralize the carbonate. OJ is good for that.
  11. Usually only take ~1/4cup at a time. Could try less next time, but I'm going to take some time off to recover.

    Pretty much always had it mixed with OJ.
  12. yea the OJ thing never helped me either. i tend to drink more bicarbonate later in the day...

    i do start off with a cup of mag bicarb though in the morning with some msm and borax....
  13. Did you mention above that you had hemorrhoids before, and the magnesium seemed to make them worse (via fissure)?

    Maybe that's the case with me, and I just never noticed them before?

    Another related anecdote though- my kids really like juice mixed with carbonated water. Recently we didn't have any plain carbonated water, just mag bicarbonate. So I used that, again, maybe 1/4 cup, for my daughter. About a day or so later, she seemed to have the same issue- an itchy, irritated anus. It got better after a couple days.
  14. Yea I had hems before and I just severely irritated the issue with mag carb. I use about a half teaspoon of hydroxide in 1 litre of water and the water is still somewhat carbonated btw.