Magnesium and vitamin B6 effective in 40% of autism cases


Mar 18, 2013
USA / Europe
This is a continuation on my posts about vitamin B6. Ray has written about B6 and how it steers tryptophan metabolism in the direction of niacin rather than serotonin. Also, high serotonin has been detected in virtually all cases of "autism" and anti-serotonergic drugs like cyproheptadine have shown great benefit in relieving symptoms. Magnesium seems to enhance the effect of B6 on serotonin and dopamine.

"...Pharmacologic use of Mg can decrease neurologic deficit in experimental head trauma, possibly by blockade of N-methyl-D-aspartate receptors. In conjunction with high doses of pyridoxine, Mg salts benefit 40% of patients with autism, possibly by an effect on dopamine metabolism."


Jul 24, 2013
Re: Magnesium and vitamin B6 effective in 40% of autism case

The late Bernard Rimland, Ph.D., a psychologist and Autism Research Institute advocate, discussed B6 effectiveness in autism for decades, in interviews, speeches, and articles.

He repeatedly stated that there were numerous credible clinical trials for pyridoxine in autism (double blind, placebo controlled, etc.), which research-wise compared favorably to any single proprietary pharmaceutical for a single indication. I imagine that there is an extensive list in one of his articles, or in the Autism Research Institute resources, but I do not have one at hand.

I am not saying that all of Dr. Rimland's findings coincided with Dr. Peat's. Rimland was interested in Magnesium and many other nutrients. But Rimland appeared to be a thoughtful and dedicated person working for and with families who did not get substantial relief from the medical orthodoxy of the day.
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