Low Vitamin D At Birth Raises Risk Of Higher Blood Pressure In Kids


Dec 10, 2016
Vitamin D deficiency from birth to early childhood was associated with an increased risk of elevated systolic blood pressure during childhood and adolescence. The study findings suggest that vitamin D screening and supplementation in pregnancy and early childhood could prevent or reduce the risk of elevated blood pressure later in life.

Researchers followed 775 children from birth to age 18 at the Boston Medical Center. Most lived in a low-income, urban area and 68% of the children were African American. Low vitamin D levels were defined as less than 11 ng/ml (nanograms per millimeter) in cord blood at birth and less than 25 ng/ml in a child's blood during early childhood.

Compared to children who were born with adequate vitamin D levels:

  • Children born with low levels of vitamin D had an approximately 60% higher risk of elevated systolic blood pressure between ages 6 and 18;
  • Children who had persistently low levels of vitamin D through early childhood had double the risk of elevated systolic blood pressure between ages 3 and 18.

Low vitamin D at birth raises risk of higher blood pressure in kids
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